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Microsoft KB Archive/104643

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Using Visual C++ 1.0 in an MS-DOS Box of OS/2 2.1


1.00 WINDOWS ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The information in this article applies to: - Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows, version 1.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Phar Lap Software has created a patch for its MS-DOS extender "DOSXNT.EXE" that allows the command-line tools, such as CL, LINK, CVPACK, BSCMAKE, and NMAKE, which are included with Visual C++ for Windows, to run in an MS-DOS box under OS/2 2.1. DOSXNT does not allow the Visual Workbench to be run under OS/2 because OS/2 doesn't provide enhanced mode Windows support for Visual Workbench's build engine, which is a requirement. Visual C++ still targets only MS-DOS and Windows, and does not target OS/2. Microsoft Developer Support provides support on the usage of the command-line tools but cannot address any OS/2-specific issues. Because the compiler has not been extensively tested under OS/2, it is highly recommended that if a problem with the tools occurs under OS/2, it should be duplicated under MS-DOS before Microsoft Developer Support is contacted. The patch provided by Phar Lap Software does not represent a commitment from Microsoft that future language products will be able to run under OS/2. This patch is available through a ZIP file OS2FIX.ZIP put together by Phar Lap Software in cooperation with Microsoft. The file can be downloaded from the following locations: - Phar Lap's BBS (617) 661-1009 (2400/9600, 8 data, no parity, 1 stop) - Phar Lap's FTP site (login anonymous) in /PUB/DOSXNT For more information on the patch, see the READ.ME file in OS2FIX.ZIP. Additional reference words: kbinf 1.00 PharLap KBCategory: KBSubcategory: CLIss LinkIss NmakeIss

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Last Reviewed: May 6, 2001
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