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Article Last Modified on 10/29/2003

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1

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This article provides information on the different types of Digiboard adapters, on contacting Digiboard, and on the currently supported Digiboard adapters under Windows NT. The following section, Digiboard Adapter Support covers the different types of Digiboard adapters and the Microsoft product support boundaries for Digiboard problems. The next section, Digiboard Contact Information, covers all the ways you can obtain help or files from Digiboard. The last section, List of Supported Digiboard Adapters, covers the current list of adapters that Windows NT supports. Note: Some of the supported adapters require drivers from Digiboard; check the following section to see which do.


Digiboard manufactures two general classes of serial adapters: intelligent and non-intelligent. These products are installed and supported in two different ways under Windows NT.

Digiboard Non-Intelligent Serial Products




Support for the non-intelligent Digiboard is provided by the native Windows NT serial device driver. These adapters are treated as any other standard serial adapter.

Non-intelligent boards are configured by hand-editing values in the Registry. This is necessary to create some special entries required for the Digiboard adapter. Information on this procedure is available in section 19.0 of the README.WRI file located in SYSTEM32 sub-directory.

Primary Support:

Primary engineering support for this device driver is provided by Microsoft. Microsoft will assist you in editing the Registry and using the device with Windows NT applications. If you suspect your adapter is not configured correctly or is malfunctioning contact Digiboard.

Digiboard Intelligent Serial Products


2Port MCA

  • Version or later of the MC/Xem driver for MCA computers is required for full support of this adapter under Windows NT.


The Intelligent Digiboard adapters listed above require a custom device driver. Custom drivers are independently developed by Digiboard and are distributed by Microsoft with Windows NT. If you use any of the adapters above, contact Digiboard for driver updates.

You can install the Digiboard drivers from Control Panel in the Networks section. The supported Digiboard adapters are listed in the Add Adapter dialog box.

Primary Support:

Digiboard provides primary support for their custom device drivers. Similarly, for a malfunctioning adapter, contact Digiboard. Microsoft will provide support for network configuration issues such as setting up Remote Access Services.


For questions or technical assistance, contact Digiboard using one of the following:

  • Technical support: (612) 943-0578
  • FAX: (612) 943-5343
  • Via Internet:
  • Via BBS: (612) 943-0812 (up to 14400 baud)
  • WWW Site:

BBS Download Procedure

  1. Select Drivers.
  2. Select Windows NT.
  3. Select the appropriate Digiboard product.
  4. Download the current release of the Digiboard driver.
  5. Place the self extracting file on your hard disk in a sub-directory by itself and start it with the -D parameter to unpack it.
  6. Read the README.TXT for more information.

FTP Download Procedure

The Windows NT Digiboard Beta driver is available via FTP. To obtain the latest version of the driver, use the following procedure:

  2. Logon as anonymous.
  3. Use your email address for the password.
  4. Type "cd drivers/ms-windows-nt" (without the quotes).

NOTE: The LS command will not show any files, even though they are there.

  1. Use the Binary command.
  2. Use the GET command to obtain the file.
  3. Place the self extracting file in on your hard disk in a sub directory by itself and start it with the -D parameter.
  4. Read the README.TXT file for more information.

Diskettes by Mail

If you do not have download facilities, Digiboard will send out the diskettes to you. Contact Digiboard at: (612) 943-0444. Or, FAX Digiboard at: (612) 943-5343.


Following is a list of supported adapters under Windows NT.

Digiboard has added support for the PC/16i and PC/16e multiport serial boards to their Windows NT Digiboard driver. These boards were not supported by the driver originally shipped with Windows NT.

You can obtain the latest Digiboard Windows NT driver from the Digiboard BBS. (See the number below.) Installation instructions are also provided with the driver on the BBS.

Here is a complete list of the Digiboard adapters supported by Windows NT:

X86-based and RISC-based computers:

- ISA 2Port
- ISA 4Port
- ISA 8Port
- ISA PC/4e
- ISA PC/8e
- ISA PC/16e*
- ISA PC/8i*
- ISA PC/16i
- ISA/EISA C/X Host Adapter
- ISA/EISA PC/Xem Host Adapter
- MC/Xi
- DEC Alpha

  • Newly Supported Boards.

The third-party products discussed here are manufactured by vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or reliability.

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