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Microsoft KB Archive/104526

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Unable to Print After Installing Phone Net PC


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows versions 3.0, 3.0a, 3.1, 3.11


After you install Farallon's Phone Net PC version 3.0, you may receive an error message similar to one of the following:

Windows cannot print this file. Disk may be full.


Windows cannot write to this file. Disk may be full.

The print job may not appear in Print Manager.

NOTE: This problem does not occur on every system or configuration that is running Phone Net PC. This error is also generated if Windows for Workgroups is installed over Wollongong TCP/IP and is not configured as outlined in Q108007.


This error occurs if you try to print from MS-DOS.

Farallon Technical Support has noted an error in the Phone Net PC documentation that states you must use MS-DOS for printing. This is untrue. You should still print from the Windows port, not LPTx.DOS.


To work around this problem, Farallon Technical Support suggests that you edit the SYSTEM.INI file to remove PNTALK.DRV from the NETWORK.DRV line. This entry should be blank as follows:


After making this change, you can still access the Phone Net PC network without any problems.


Phone Net PC is not a supported network with Windows; Setup does not provide this network option.

Phone Net PC is manufactured by Farallon Computing Inc., a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

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Last Reviewed: December 4, 1999
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