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Article Last Modified on 1/8/2003


  • Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 Professional Edition

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If you create a table with an SQL action statement such as SELECT INTO, the new table is not immediately reflected in the TableDefs collection of the database object or property. This may result in the error "Name not found in this collection" (error 3265).


Perform TableDefs.Refresh immediately after creating the new table. The Refresh method should be but is not documented for the TableDefs collection in the Visual Basic manuals or Help menu.

  • Create the table using database.Tabldefs.Append instead of using an SQL statement.


This behavior is by design.


A table created with an SQL statement is correctly reflected in the Tabledefs collection after the database is closed then reopened.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

The following program demonstrates this problem. It results in the error "Name not found in this collection" on the Tabledefs.Delete statement.

   Dim db As Database
   Set db = OpenDatabase("BIBLIO.MDB")
   Print "TableDefs.Count before:"; db.TableDefs.Count
   ' Create new table using SQL action statement:
   db.Execute "select distinctrow * into NewTable from Authors"
   ' Remove apostrophe from the following statement to work around problem:
   ' db.TableDefs.Refresh
   Print "TableDefs.Count after: "; db.TableDefs.Count
   ' Now attempt to delete the new table just created:
   db.TableDefs.Delete "NewTable"

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