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Microsoft Support Network (MSN): Product Clusters for United States and Canada (as of October 1, 1993) =====================================================================

To simplify its support offerings to specific user categories, Microsoft has segmented its products into four support clusters:

  • Microsoft Desktop Applications
  • Microsoft Personal Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Development Tools
  • Advanced Systems

These four clusters are composed of the following products:

Microsoft Desktop Applications

Microsoft Access (database) Microsoft Access Distribution Kit Microsoft Arcade Microsoft Beethoven Microsoft Bookshelf (CD-ROM reference library) Microsoft Chart Microsoft Cinemania (interactive movie guide) Microsoft Dinosaurs Microsoft Encarta (multimedia encyclopedia) Microsoft Entertainment Packs Microsoft Excel Microsoft File (for the Macintosh platform) Microsoft Flight Simulator Microsoft FoxBase Microsoft FoxPro (database) Microsoft FoxPro Connectivity Kit Microsoft FoxPro Distribution Kit Microsoft FoxPro Library Construction Kit (LCK) Microsoft Golf Microsoft Learning about MS-DOS Microsoft Money Microsoft Multiplan (electronic worksheet program) Microsoft Musical Instruments Microsoft Office Microsoft Office Professional Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation graphics program) Microsoft Open EIS Microsoft Productivity Pack Microsoft Project Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Schedule+ Microsoft SoundBits (sound clip collection) Microsoft Stat Pack Microsoft Stravinsky Microsoft Video for Windows Microsoft Scenes for Windows Microsoft Word Microsoft Works Microsoft Write for Macintosh

Microsoft Personal Operating Systems

Microsoft MS-DOS operating system Microsoft Windows operating system Microsoft Windows & MS-DOS 5 Microsoft Windows for Workgroups Microsoft Windows for Workgroups - Starter Kit Microsoft Windows for Workgroups - User Kit Microsoft Windows Printing System Microsoft Windows Sound System Microsoft TrueType Font Pack for Windows Microsoft TrueType Font Pack for Windows - MS/HP

Hardware Products:

Microsoft BallPoint Mouse Microsoft Mouse

Microsoft Development Tools

Microsoft C Microsoft C/C++ Professional Development System Microsoft Basic Professional Development System Microsoft Delta Microsoft FORTRAN Microsoft FORTRAN PowerStation Microsoft Macro Assembler Microsoft Modular Windows SDK Microsoft Multimedia Development Kit Microsoft OLE 2.0 Microsoft Pascal Windows SDK Microsoft Pen Windows SDK Microsoft QuickBasic Development System Microsoft QuickC Microsoft QuickC with QuickAssembler Microsoft QuickPascal Microsoft Source Profiler Microsoft Test for Windows Microsoft Visual Basic Professional Microsoft Visual Basic Standard Microsoft Visual C++ Development System Microsoft Visual C++ Professional Development System Microsoft Visual Control Pack for Windows Microsoft Visual Tools Program Pack Microsoft Video Development Kit Microsoft Workgroup Template Microsoft Windows 3.1 SDK Microsoft Windows 3.1 DDK Microsoft Win32 SDK Microsoft Win32 DDK

Advanced Systems

Microsoft 3COM to LAN Manager Server Microsoft 3COM 3+ Mail Gateway Microsoft AT&T Easylink Gateway Microsoft Embedded SQL for COBOL Development Kit Microsoft FAX Gateway Microsoft LAN Manager Microsoft LAN Manager Remote Access (RAS) Microsoft Macintosh AppleTalk Mail Server Microsoft Macintosh Mail FAX Gateway Microsoft Mail Connectivity Gateway Microsoft MCI Accessories Gateway Microsoft MHS Gateway Microsoft Mail Client License Pak Microsoft Mail Server Microsoft Mail Remote Workstation Microsoft Mail S/W Development Kit (FFAPI) Microsoft ODBC Driver Pak Microsoft ODBC SDK Microsoft PROFS Gateway Microsoft SQL Server for OS/2 operating system Microsoft SQL Server for Windows NT operating system Microsoft SMTP Gateway Microsoft SNADS Gateway Microsoft SQL Server ODS Microsoft SQL Server PTK Microsoft SQL Server NIK Microsoft SQL Server Bridge Microsoft SQL Server for Windows NT Microsoft SQL Server Client Server Development Kit for Windows NT Microsoft Windows for Workgroups TCP/IP Microsoft Windows NT Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server Microsoft SNA Server for Windows NT Microsoft X.400 Gateway

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