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Microsoft KB Archive/103979

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Mac Works: Converting Works 2.0 Files to Works 3.0

PSS ID Number: Q103979 Article last modified on 10-22-1998

2.0 3.0


====================================================================== 2.00 3.00 MACINTOSH kbother

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Works for the Macintosh, versions 2.0 and 3.0


The following instructions describe several different ways to convert Microsoft Works 2.0 files to Works 3.0.


Drag and Drop Using System 7.x

Drag the Works 2.0 document icon onto the Works 3.0 application icon (or the Works 3.0 alias) and drop it. This will run Works 3.0 and Works 3.0 will convert the file.

Using the Works Updater

  1. Works 3.0a ships with the Works Updater, which automatically updates Works 2.0 files.
  2. Copy the Works Updater to your hard drive.
  3. Double-click any existing Works 2.0 file. This runs the Works Updater and allows you to convert the file to Works 3.0.

Open the File from Within the Works 3.0 Application

Open the Works 2.0 file from within the Works 3.0 application using the following steps:

  1. Open the Works 3.0 application by double-clicking the application icon.
  2. From within the Choose Type dialog box, find the Works 2.0 file in the scrolling list box.
  3. Select the Works 2.0 file and click Open.
  4. The dialog box, “Converting Works 2.0 document…” appears as the document is opened.
  5. Save the document by choosing Save or Save As from the File menu.

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