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WD6X: MS Announces ODBC Desktop Database Drivers Version 1.0

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This article contains an August 9, 1993, Microsoft press release that announces and describes Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).


Microsoft Announces ODBC Desktop Database Drivers Version 1.0;

Delivers Data to Applications from All Major Desktop Databases

REDMOND, Wash. - Aug. 9, 1993 - Microsoft Corporation today announced Microsoft(R) Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Desktop Database Drivers version 1.0, a set of drivers that provides Microsoft Windows(TM) operating system-based applications easy access to the most popular desktop databases and file formats through ODBC.

Customers can use the ODBC Desktop Database Drivers in conjunction with ODBC-enabled applications, or develop new applications with the drivers. The ODBC drivers deliver data to applications from desktop databases and file formats, including Microsoft Access(R) database management system versions 1.0 and 1.1, FoxPro(R) database management system versions 2.0 and 2.5, Microsoft Excel 3.0 and 4.0, Btrieve(R) 5.1, dBASE III(R), dBASE IV(R), Paradox(R) 3.0 and 3.5 and formatted text files.

"Customers now have a single, convenient set of drivers to access the most popular desktop databases using ODBC," said Kyle Geiger, ODBC general manager at Microsoft. "Users can work with a variety of desktop databases in a consistent manner from within any ODBC-enabled application. The ODBC Desktop Database Drivers will make it easier for corporate developers and ISVs to deliver an exciting array of ODBC-enabled applications on the Windows operating system. Microsoft ODBC provides broad, open data access, whether that data resides on a large corporate database or on a desktop DBMS. This set of drivers adds to the growing list of 20- plus drivers available."

ODBC Drivers Make it Easy to Deliver Data to Applications

ODBC Desktop Database Drivers version 1.0 makes it easy for independent software vendors (ISVs), solution providers and corporate developers to provide applications that access a variety of desktop databases using ODBC. Microsoft is making the drivers available for commercial redistribution, so that software vendors can easily provide broad database compatibility to their customers, simply by shipping the ODBC Desktop Database Drivers with their applications.

Each driver in the ODBC Desktop Database Drivers includes an extensive help file that provides detailed information about what functionality is available to the developer.

Using the ODBC Desktop Database Drivers, ISVs and Solution Providers (system integrators, value-added resellers, consultants, training organizations and other businesses that create line-of- business computing solutions using Microsoft products) can more easily create and offer a single application version that supports all popular desktop databases, enabling vendors to provide a more flexible application solution to their customers.

"Powersoft is committed to providing access to a variety of desktop data sources from its Enterprise Series of products [PowerBuilder, PowerMaker and PowerViewer]," said Bill Critch, director of business and alliance programs for Powersoft Corporation. "To deliver on this commitment, we have adopted ODBC as our primary database interface. The availability of the Microsoft drivers will enhance our efforts to provide corporate and commercial developers with the seamless point-and-click techniques that the industry has come to expect with PowerBuilder."

"From the start, ObjectView supported ODBC to ensure maximum flexibility in visually developing client-server applications that access multiple databases across an organization," said Donald P. Addington, president and chief operating officer of KnowledgeWare. "For expanded access and convenience, KnowledgeWare will begin shipping the newly available ODBC Desktop Database Drivers as an integral part of every copy of ObjectView."

Corporate developers gain the same advantages from the ODBC drivers, by incorporating them into their internally developed applications, or extending the database compatibility of ODBC-enabled commercial applications. Users benefit by having support out of the box for their choice of desktop databases, and can easily access multiple databases from within a single application.

"ODBC is an important component of our strategy with Windows," said Tom Connors, group technical staff of Texas Instruments Incorporated. "It is the glue that binds together proprietary data resources and Windows-based applications into open, interoperable systems. ODBC allows suppliers of database technologies to open their products to standard access methods, yet retain their competitive and proprietary advantages. It also relieves developers from the burden of development to support divergent data sources, including text files, Btrieve and SQL databases."

"The development of a common, open API that will allow various front-end data access and reporting tools to access different database types is just what the industry needs," said Salvatore Scipione, manager, Technology Resource Center of Independence Blue Cross. "Over the years, we have built many systems with a variety of tools accessing a variety of unique-to-the-tool databases. The ODBC data drivers and corresponding tools that support ODBC will now give us the flexibility to migrate pieces of these older systems or simply add to them rather than perform a complete conversion to our newer toolset."

System Requirements

ODBC Desktop Database Drivers version 1.0 requires Windows 3.0 or higher; an EGA, VGA or higher display; a hard disk with 3 MB available disk space and a high-density floppy disk drive. Also required for software developers are the ODBC SDK version 1.0, the Windows 3.1 SDK and the Microsoft C 8.0 or compatible compiler. For more information or to obtain the Microsoft ODBC Software Development Kit, call (800) 227-4679. The Novell(R) WBTRCALL.DLL is required for use with the ODBC Btrieve driver.

Pricing and Availability

ODBC Desktop Database Drivers version 1.0 is scheduled to be available in two to three weeks for a suggested retail price of $49. Licenses for commercial and non-commercial (corporate internal) redistribution are available.

More on ODBC

Microsoft ODBC is the database component of the Windows Open Services Architecture (WOSA). WOSA provides Microsoft applications, customers and ISVs with standard interfaces for access to a wide variety of services such as mail, databases and networking communications.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

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