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Microsoft KB Archive/103875

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Project: Macro Fails When Passed Through DDE Superbase Link

PSS ID Number: Q103875 Article last modified on 11-16-1994

3.00 3.00a


The information in this article applies to:

  • == Microsoft Project for Windows, versions 3.0, 3.0a ==


Microsoft Project macro commands that pass parameters such as FileOpen may not behave as expected when passed through a Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) link from Superbase. Instead, Microsoft Project may return the “Unknown Command” error message when you specify a name of a file to open.


When you issue DDE commands from Superbase, the format should be as follows:

“[Macro Command]”

The quotation marks and the brackets around the DDE command are required. This format will work correctly with Microsoft Project macro commands when no parameters are passed along. For example, the following command will display the Open dialog box:


However, if you use the command

“[FileOpen .Name=[filename.mpp]]”

you will receive the “Unknown Command” error message.


To work around this problem, remove the brackets from the macro command and filename, as in the following example:

“FileOpen .Name=filename.mpp”

This workaround should work for all macro commands that pass parameters from Superbase to Microsoft Project through a DDE link.

Superbase is manufactured by Precision Incorporated, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product’s performance or reliability.

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