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PC WFW: Template Truncation in Extensions Upgrade


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Mail and Schedule+ Extensions for Windows for Workgroups, version 3.0


You may need to edit the template information fields for version 3.0 of Microsoft Mail and Schedule+ Extensions for Windows for Workgroups to reflect the 55-character limit that is the maximum the MS-DOS-based programs can display.

The templates may require editing to ensure synchronization between Microsoft Mail 3.0 and the Windows for Workgroups postoffice. You should edit the templates before you perform the upgrade or the templates may become truncated.


The template file is an ASCII file that can be created and edited with an ASCII editor such as the MS-DOS EDIT program. The template file consists of lines that each represent a line in the Administrator program template window. Each line must follow the format



   Entry          Description

   Field prompt   Describes the line
   Entry_1        Specifies the column at which the field data will
   Entry_2        Number of columns wide the field data will be
   Entry_3        Specifies the type of data
   Entry_4        Specifies the default field data 

Each entry must be separated by a tilde (~). There must be five tildes on each line.

The entire line in the Administrator program template file cannot exceed 55 characters. The following is an example of a line in the template file:

Name:~7~48~AP~Name goes here~

This will create a data field in the template for the field prompt "Name." The data will begin at column 7 and cannot exceed 55 columns. "AP" specifies any characters and punctuation. "Name goes here" contains the default data for the field. The total number of columns is determined by the number of characters in the field prompt, plus any spaces left before the starting position, plus the field data width.

For a complete explanation of the template file and its function, refer to the following sources:

  • Chapter 8 in the version 3.2 Microsoft Mail for PC Networks "Administrator's Guide"
  • Chapter 9 in the version 3.0 Microsoft Mail for PC Networks "Administrator's Guide"

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