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Mac Works: Text Numbers Become Numbers If Document Saved as Text

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  • == Microsoft Works for the Macintosh, version 3.0 and 4.0 ==


If a Microsoft Works spreadsheet is saved out as a text file and re-opened into Works as a spreadsheet, numbers that were previously entered as Text will be converted to number values and will be formatted as numbers.

To enter a number as text so that it will not be converted when the document is saved as text, precede the number with an OPTION+SPACEBAR (press the OPTION key and SPACEBAR together). This number will retain its text formatting even after being saved as text and re-opened into a Works spreadsheet.

You may also enter a number as text by preceding the number with an open quote, for example, "999. (See page 173 of the User’s Guide.) This method, however, will not retain its text formatting if the file is saved as text then re-opened. Numbers formatted in this way will re-open formatted as numbers.


Entering a number as text is most commonly used for serial numbers or part numbers in a worksheet that may be misinterpreted by Works as dates.

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