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Microsoft KB Archive/103421

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Article ID: 103421

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.2

This article was previously published under Q103421


Version 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for PC Networks contains the following enhancements and corrections:


  • Multitasking Message Transfer Agent (MTA), which is sold separately.
  • Microsoft Windows Move User utility that can move users from version 2.1, 3.0, and 3.2 postoffices to version 3.0 or 3.2 postoffices.
  • Two different Batch User Create utilities that can create new users on a local postoffice. One reads the Novell NetWare 2.1x or 3.11 bindery, the other reads the NET.ACC file from a Microsoft LAN Manager user level security file server.
  • Microsoft Mail Gateway to AT&T Easylink Mail (U.S. product only).
  • Transfer mail through native X.25.
  • Ability to limit message size when transferring over a network.
  • MTA can be configured to reboot automatically if critical error is detected.
  • Postoffice is no longer limited to one Dynamic Drive table.
  • Mail is now transferred by the MTA using First In/First Out (FIFO).
  • Improved reliability of the asynchronous transmission protocol.
  • Improved algorithm for handling P1 files.
  • Improved error messages in SYSTEM.LOG.
  • MS-DOS MTA low memory conditions have been improved. Also, more reliable with large message bodies.
  • OS/2 Rebuild runs 35% to 55% faster than MS-DOS Rebuild.
  • Directory Synchronization (DirSync) does not update any of the GAL files if any of them are in use.
  • The Administrator program updates versions 1.0 and 1.0a of Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows calendar (.CAL) passwords.


Bug #   Description

   7    IMPORT -A causes an incorrect mailbag assigned when importing
        SNADS, PROFS, and OfficeVision addresses.

           Version 3.0 of Import creates a separate mailbag for each
           SNADS, PROFS, and OfficeVision user instead of pointing all
           imported users to the mailbag for their gateway. Since the
           gateways only check the gateway mailbag, the mail messages
           never get delivered.

  60    External does not report an error on a lost .MAI file.

           A new error message will be received by the sender when the
           version 3.2 of External cannot find a .MAI file. The error
           that the user sees is:

              "Message was not sent due to missing message file"

           It will also be logged in the SYSTEM.LOG with the error

              "Mail retry count exceeded sending to: username error."

  61    External reports incorrect error sending mail with lost
        .ATT files.

           If a mail message is created with attachments and saved to be
           sent later using the MS-DOS client, but before the message is
           sent one of the attachment files gets deleted. Then version
           3.0 of External will report various errors in SYSTEM.LOG and

           Version 3.2 of External will report a non-delivery message to
           the sender:

              "Mail was not sent due to missing attachment."

           There will also be an accompanying notice in the SYSTEM.LOG.

  62    Infinite "disk error" when out of disk space sending

           When version 3.0 of External tries to send a message with an
           attachment to a postoffice with insufficient disk space, then
           external tries to send this message indefinitely (or until the
           lifespan of the message is exceeded).

           In version 3.2 of External, before each mail item is sent the
           destination PO drive is checked for available disk space. If
           not, the drive will be marked as FULL and delivery will be
           attempted at the next interval update.

  64    External: Locked files cause incorrect delivery.

           Version 3.2 of External now puts an error message in

  65    External loses messages under low memory conditions.

           Version 3.2 of External now properly returns undeliverable
           messages by only parsing the data necessary to return to

  66    External: Postoffice not processed if mailbag is missing.

           In version 3.2 of External, if the mailbag for a particular
           postoffice is missing, External will log the error,

              "Drive in error: M:"

           to the screen and SESSION.LOG. It will continue to process
           mail on this drive to other locations.

  68    External ignores Admin settings for baud rate.

           In version 3.2 of Admin, the baud rate setting for external
           postoffice definitions has been removed. The following
           reasons support this decission:

              - It is ignored in older versions
              - Incoming call rates are not predictable
              - Modem scripts over-ride the default

  69    External does not deliver large messages.

           Version 3.2 returns these messages to sender with an

  71    Admin: Adding SNADS user without adding DGN gets wrong

           When adding a SNADS user to the postoffice address list with
           Admin, if the DGN for that user was not already defined, Admin
           created the wrong address for the user and mapped the name to
           an existing DGN even though the administrator correctly typed
           in a valid DGN in the DEN.DGN. This address which is added to
           the postoffice address list is correct, but the added reference
           to gateway list for this DGN/NODE was incorrect.

           This was also a potential problem for PROFS/OfficeVision users
           when adding users to NODES not already defined. The correct
           behavior is to not add the user and the reference to the
           gateway list when DGN/Node is not already defined.

  72    External: Multiple modem messages put in response buffer.

           Version 3.0 of External would occassionally get the error:

              "failure to initialize modem"

           upon initializing the modem. External was incorrectly reading
           the modems' response buffer.

  76    Import accepts transaction without mailbox name.

           Version 3.2 of Import will not create a user account unless a
           valid address exists in the import file. Version 3.0 of Import
           would let you add a user even if you forgot to include the 10
           charactor mailbox name.

  82    Admin: Remote client cannot read external POs and gateways
        listed in RNETWORK.GLB file.

           When regenerating the directory view for Remote clients, the
           Admin utility would corrupt the RNETWORK.GLB file if there
           were no additional external Postoffices defined within the
           same Network.

 179    DirSync updates lost in import request.

           In version 3.2, the SRVSEQ value (the # of the last
           transaction sent to this Requestor) used as a reference to
           the local directory store is now read from the Server PO
           REQCONF.GLB and not from SRVCONF.GLB. This will keep track
           of Import requests properly.

 329    Import does not handle FFAPI add transactions properly.

           Version 3.2 of Import will now treat FFAPI type addresses
           the same as PCM type addresses.

 370    Reqmain: No message sent to Admin if REQTRANS.GLB is not

           Version 3.0 would not report an error if REQTRANS.GLB was
           corrupt. Version 3.2 will report:

              "FATAL [ 40] Possible database corruption detected:

 371    Srvmain: No message sent to Admin if MSTTRANS.GLB is

           Version 3.0 would report no error if the MSTTRANS.GLB is
           corrupt. Version 3.2 reports a fatal error that is sent to
           the Server Administrator as part of the summary report for

 680    External: Circular routing problems.

           Version 3.0 of External can cause circular routing of
           messages when more than one External is sending mail from
           the same postoffice at the same time.

1149    Attachments can be stranded if external connection is

           Version 3.2 of External will now stop the delivery of a
           message if the transport layer fails while delivering

1314    Attachments not always deleted from postoffice.

           In version 3.0, the attachment delete loop would cause
           only the first attachment of a message to be deleted when a
           message was deleted.

1361    External: X.CSI wastes too much time recovering from Return
        No Response (RNR) and Reject (REJ).

           Version 3.2 of External will rely on modem hardware flow
           control (RTS/CTS) in the SIO layer when RNR or REJ's occur.
           Version 3.0 External would idle for 10 seconds per each RNR
           or REJ's, causing unwanted timeout problems.

1362    External: X.CSI finding the start of a packet is slow.

           Version 3.0 External called a DosRead() for every byte from
           the COM driver buffer when searching for a STX character. At
           high speeds this meant hundreds of 1 byte DosReads() creating
           high CPU usage. Version 3.2 of External now reads in multiple
           bytes into a special STX buffer greatly reducing CPU demand.

1365    External: X.CSI dumping bad packet can cause problems.

           Version 3.0 of External will copy data from the protocol ring
           buffers (X.CSI) to the SIO layer if X.CSI becomes full.
           Version 3.2 External will not.

           In version 3.0 of External, the CRC calculation on a data
           packet is performed after the data is read from SIO,
           therefore, it is redundant to dump the data back to the SIO
           layer because it already resides in a X.CSI window packet
           buffer. Version 3.2 of External will now drop these packets
           and retain optimal performance.

1420    External: Machine hangs with low disk space and expired
        useful life.

           Version 3.0 of External will hang upon delivering an "expired
           useful life message" on a PO that does not have enough
           diskspace. Version 3.2 of External resolves this issue by
           logging the low diskspace and not attempting to deliver mail
           to that PO until space is available.

1645    Srvmain does not update ReqSync when DirSync .ATT is

           If a corrupted DirSync attachment is processed by version 3.0
           of SRVMAIN, it will add transactions to the queue up to the
           point of corruption and then terminate. However, it does not
           update the ReqSync field in the SRVCONF.GLB file to indicate
           that some transactions were processed/received. No
           transactions will be lost in this scenario, but duplicate
           transactions will be submitted by the requestor.

           Version 3.2 of SRVMAIN resolves this by taking the Reqsync
           number directly from the last record processed in the
           SRVCONF.GLB file instead of from the mail text body. If there
           is a CRC read error in the transaction file, all records up to
           the corrupted one will be processed.

1646    External: Duplicate mail incident.

           When mail is composed to multiple recipients, version 3.0 of
           External would lock the mailbags for the externally defined
           postoffices before the Dispatch process started. The mailbag
           was not locked while External was collecting mail. Therefore,
           when multiple externals are collecting mail off the same
           postoffice, they both can collect the same mail item and
           successfully deliver it to the same recipient.

           Version 3.2 of External resolves this by locking the mailbags
           before the collection process begins. As a result overall
           throughput of a multi-External hub will be faster because each
           external will not try and collect mail on one postoffice while
           another external is collecting mail on the same postoffice.

1678    External: Postoffices on dynamic drives updates lists at every
        -U minutes.

           In version 3.2 of External, directories on dynamic drives
           are only updated at the interval specified by -U, if the
           postoffice directories have been changed since the last
           update. The change is detected by checking to see if the
           value in FLAG.GLB has changed since last update.

1775    External: Zero length attachments.

           When remote users call into version 3.0 External and request
           headers update only when they do not have any headers,
           External will create a zero byte attachment and leave it
           stranded when the remote user disconnects. Version 3.2 of
           External resolves this by deleting the attachment file upon
           the disconnect.

2008    DirSync: Srvmain has problems with Intel EtherExpress 16.

           With certain network cards and protocols, the SRVCONF.GLB
           file becomes corrupted. Version 3.2 fixes the problem by
           making internal buffer size consistent across all calls to

2082    Re-enabling the DirSync Server does not work.

           In version 3.2, when re-configuring or creating a postoffice
           to be a Dir-sync server the Admin program will now verify
           that the REQCONF.GLB file has a srvsync value of zero. If
           Requestors do not submit an Import request to the newly
           enabled Server PO then they will not get updates. This is
           because, each Requestor records the sync of the last update
           received from the Server PO. This is a non-zero value. When
           the Server PO is enabled, updates are numbered from 1. So,
           if a Requestor asks for updates from sync=100, 100 will not
           exist yet and that Requestor will receive zero updates.

2104    External: Does not delete .P0x files from the P1 directory.

           Version 3.0 External can leave stranded .POx files.

2128    External returns valid address messages to sender.

           When version 3.2 External is aware that it has corrupt
           routing information, it will disable Dispatch for that PO and
           its INQUEUE3.MBG. Mailer will still run on the destination PO,
           but External will hold all LAN mail until the address list
           is refreshed.


Bug #   Description
-----   --------------------------------------------------------------

   1    Corruption of MMF when located on PC-NFS file server.

           When running version 3.0b of Microsoft Mail for Windows on a
           PC-NFS file server, the Mail Message File (MMF) becomes
           corrupted and prevents you from sending and reading mail

   2    Setup error when installing client on network server.

           When setting up version 3.0b of Microsoft Mail for Windows
           and the WINDOWS and WINDOWS\SYSTEM directories were on two
           different drives, Setup would report an error and would not

   3    Problem with extended characters in postoffice name.

           When you send mail to an external postoffice group or gateway
           group that contains extended characters in the address, version
           3.0b of Microsoft Mail for Windows does not convert from code
           page 850 to ANSI code page when it reads the records from the
           NETPO.GLB file or any other gateway address file.

   4    Convert program cannot handle lowercase HEX for owner field.

           While converting your folders, version 3.0b of CONVERT.EXE
           may report a network error and then exit. The Convert program
           assumes the owner field in the .IDX file is in all uppercase
           letters and does not know how to handle hexadecimal numbers in
           lowercase letters.

   5    Sample Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows application does
        not work with Visual Basic version 2.0.

           In version 3.2, MAPI.H has been modified to be strictly ANSI
           compatible, and will no longer cause warnings on Warning
           Level 4 with the Microsoft C version 7.0 compiler. The sample
           Visual Basic Simple MAPI application has been modified to
           compile when using Microsoft Visual Basic version 2.0.

   6    SNADS DGNs in address book are not in alphabetical order.

           External postoffices, SNADS DGNs, and nodes for PROFS and
           OfficeVision are not displayed in alphabetic order because
           version 3.0b of Mail for Windows reads them in one at a
           time and adds them to the hierarchy. Version 3.2 of Microsoft
           Mail for Windows reads them in all at once, sorts them, and
           adds them to the hierarchy.

   7    ALT+double-click on attachment does not work.

           When you attempt to launch attachments that do not have an
           extension, an error occurs when you hold down the ALT key
           and double-click the mouse button to load the attachment
           into Notepad.

  26    Bad algorithm for changing the filename of Macintosh file

           When you attempt to launch MACBINARY attachments, version
           3.0b of Mail for Windows changes the filename of the file
           being launched if that filename is less than eight characters
           in length.

  69    Cannot handle more than 66 different network/gateway names.

           An "Unknown user" error may occur when you send a message.
           Version 3.0b of Mail for Windows only caches the first 8170
           bytes of the NETWORK.GLB file and loses the rest. Postoffices
           and gateways that are defined past 8170 bytes are ignored;
           therefore, you cannot send messages to the users on those
           postoffices or gateways.

  73    MAPILogon is case sensitive.

           The simple MAPI command MAPILogon() does a case sensitive
           match on the user name and password; however, Microsoft
           Mail is not case sensitive. This problem only occurs if a
           MAPI session was already established when MAPILogon() is

 110    Reading E-Form from shared folder causes MAPI failure.

           Fixed in version 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for Windows.

 140    MAPISaveMessage resets originator to caller.

           Fixed in version 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for Windows.

 141    Convert changes message date to 12/16/68.

           When parsing old A.M./P.M. style dates (generated from
           some gateways), version 3.0b of Mail for Windows adds 12 to
           the time if it is P.M. However, if the message was sent
           during the Noon hour, the time is incorrectly read as 24:xx.
           Because this is an invalid time, the date is set to the

 149    Group name cannot display details when a form was used.

           In version 3.0b of Microsoft Mail for Windows, PC Mail
           groups would not be reply-able from SimpleMAPI as the
           address would have no email address.

 161    SENDFILE does not support extended characters.

           In version 3.0b of Microsoft Mail for Windows, extended
           characters are not supported when using the File Manager
           SendFile command. An error message is displayed saying
           that the file can not be accessed.

 162    Extended characters not supported for backup.

           In version 3.0b of Microsoft Mail for Windows, extended
           characters are not supported for *.MMF filenames.

 176    GP fault when running custom setup and only installing

           Fixed in version 3.2 of Microsoft Mail for Windows.

 187    GP Fault when login due to corrupt .XTN file.

           Version 3.0b of Microsoft Mail for Windows may cause a
           general protection (GP) fault when it encounters a
           corrupt .XTN file in the database. It incorrectly handles
           .XTN files that are an incorrect size.

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