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Microsoft KB Archive/103315

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INFO: Explanation of the NEWCPLINFO Structure


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.1


The following is an explanation of the NEWCPLINFO structure:

  • dwSize: Specifies the length of the structure, in bytes. Set this to sizeof(NEWCPLINFO).
  • dwFlags: Specifies Control Panel flags. This is field is currently unused. Set this field to NULL.
  • dwHelpContext: Specifies the context number for the topic in the help project (.HPJ) file that displays when the user selects help for the application. If dwData is non-NULL, Windows Help will be invoked with the HELP_CONTEXT fuCommand with dwHelpContext as dwData. If dwHelpContext is NULL, Windows Help is invoked with the HELP_INDEX fuCommand.
  • lData: Specifies data defined by the application. This is passed back to the application in the CPL_DBLCLK, CPL_SELECT, and CPL_STOP messages via lParam2.
  • hIcon: Identifies an icon resource for the application icon. This icon is displayed in the Control Panel window.
  • szName: Specifies a null-terminated string that contains the application name. The name is the short string displayed below the application icon in the Control Panel window. The name is also displayed in the Settings menu of Control Panel.
  • szInfo: Specifies a null-terminated string containing the application description. The description is displayed at the bottom of the Control Panel window when the application icon is selected.
  • szHelpFile: Specifies a null-terminated string that contains the path of the help file, if any, for the application. If this field is unused, set it to NULL. The Control Panel will invoke a default Windows Help file when this field is NULL.

Additional query words: cpl control panel extension

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Last Reviewed: July 12, 2000
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