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PowerPoint: Setup Fails on Disk 6 PSS ID Number: Q103312 Article last modified on 09-15-1993 PSS database name: W_PowerPt



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, version 3.0


When you are installing PowerPoint, the Setup program may fail on Disk 6. You may receive “cannot write” or “cannot read” error messages, or a general protection (GP) fault may occur. A variety of different error messages have been reported.

Microsoft is researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.


To avoid this problem, do the following:

  1. If a general protection (GP) fault has occurred, exit from Windows and restart.
  2. Start the PowerPoint Setup program again.
  3. When the dialog box appears offering you the choice between a Complete Installation and a Custom Installation, choose Custom Installation.
  4. In the Custom Installation dialog box, clear the PowerPoint Viewer check box (the second-to-last item in the list). Leave all the other check boxes selected, and choose Install Now.

The Setup program should run successfully. It will not ask you to insert Disk 6. (The only file that is not installed when you install PowerPoint using this method is PowerPoint Viewer.)

NOTE: PowerPoint Viewer is not necessary for the operation of PowerPoint. It is a utility that you can use to run PowerPoint presentations on computers that do not have the PowerPoint program installed.

To install PowerPoint Viewer, do the following:

  1. After Setup is complete, start File Manager.

  2. Insert Disk 6 in your floppy disk drive. In File Manager, click the drive letter that contains the floppy disk.

  3. One file, PPTVIEW.EXE, should be listed on the disk. Click this filename and choose Copy from the File menu.

  4. In the To field of the Copy dialog box, enter the drive and directory name where you installed PowerPoint. For example:


    Choose OK.

This copies the file to your PowerPoint directory. Because this file is not compressed, you do not need to use the Setup program to install the file for it to be usable.

To create an icon for PowerPoint Viewer, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Program Manager program group where you want the PowerPoint Viewer icon to appear.
  2. Size the File Manager window so that you can see the program group you have selected.
  3. In File Manager, switch to the drive where you installed PowerPoint and locate the PowerPoint directory. Open it and locate PPTVIEW.EXE, the file you just copied.
  4. Using your mouse, drag the file PPTVIEW.EXE out of the File Manager window until the file is over the program group where you want the icon to appear. Release the mouse button.

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