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  • Microsoft Mail Remote 3.2

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Disk space consumption can be a significant concern for users of version 3.2 of Microsoft Mail Remote for Windows. Mail Remote is often used on a portable computer with relatively limited disk space.

The Mail Remote for Windows Setup program requires your mail administrator to create a data disk for you to install this product. One of the files created for this data disk is RNETWORK.GLB, which contains the postoffice and user information.

In large installations, this file may not fit on a single floppy disk (which is all you are prompted for). Also, you will need to have enough free disk space on your computer so that all the addresses can be expanded from your RNETWORK.GLB address file.

If your data disk files will not fit on a single floppy disk, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Create a directory on your hard disk drive and use the MS-DOS SUBST command to store the data files, such as:

    subst a: c:\data

    NOTE: For more information on the SUBST command, please see your MS-DOS documentation.
  2. When you use the Administrator program to create your data disks, select drive A as the drive to store the files on. When you install Mail Remote for Windows, type C:\DATA when you are asked where the data files are.

You must create enough free space on your local hard drive for all the address books. You can either delete some other files, or build a Custom View that is small enough to fit on your computer's hard disk drive.


You can predetermine the approximate size of RNETWORK.GLB before it is created by the Administrator program, and then estimate the amount of file space required for the address books created by Mail Remote for Windows as it expands the RNETWORK.GLB information.

When Building RNETWORK.GLB

   Component                      Size

   Each network                   20 bytes
   Each gateway                   20 bytes
   Each postoffice                24 bytes
   Each PROFS, SNADS, or OV node  24 bytes
   Each user                      Max 10 bytes for e-mail name + max
                                  30 bytes for friendly name
   Each template                  11 bytes + .TPL file size

When Expanding RNETWORK.GLB

   Component                      Size

   Each local user                1217 bytes
   Each network                    122 bytes
   Each gateway                    122 bytes
   Each external postoffice        698 bytes
   Each PROFS, SNADS or OV node    698 bytes
   Each external user               53 bytes
   Each template file             Size of .TPL file
   Each person on the GAL         Minimum 90 bytes (because everyone
                                  goes on the GAL, that is 90+ bytes
                                  for every user)

NOTE: The only gateway users you can add through RNETWORK.GLB are PROFS, SNADS, and OfficeVision. These users can be added by creating a Custom View. They require the same amount of space as mail users.

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