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Microsoft KB Archive/103193

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INF: Managing Heap Memory in Win32 PSS ID Number: Q103193 Article last modified on 08-29-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows, version 3.1


HEAPMM is a technical note in Windows Help file format that discusses managing heap memory in Win32.

Download HEAPMM.EXE, a self-extracting file, from the Microsoft Software Library (MSL) on the following services:

  • CompuServe GO MSL and download S14242.EXE
  • Microsoft Download Service (MSDL) Dial (206) 936-6735 to connect to MSDL Download HEAPMM.EXE
  • Internet (anonymous FTP) ftp Change to the directory Get HEAPMM.EXE


The abstract from the HEAPMM technical note is included below:


Determining which function or set of functions to use for managing memory in your Win32 application is difficult without a solid understanding of how each group of functions works and the overall impact they each have on the Microsoft Windows NT operating system. In an effort to simplify these decisions, this technical article focuses on the use of heaps in Win32: the functions that are available, the way they are used, and the impact their use has on operating system resources. The following topics are discussed:

  • The purpose of heaps in Win32
  • General heap behavior
  • Two types of heaps in Win32
  • Global and local memory functions
  • Win32 heap memory functions
  • Overhead on heap memory allocations
  • Summary and recommendations

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Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.