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PSS ID Number: 103091

Article Last Modified on 10/23/1999

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxBASE+ for MS-DOS 2.1

This article was previously published under Q103091


FoxBASE+ ignores the CHR(0) character when sending output to a printer.


To work around this problem, send CHR(127) to the printer.


Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Run the following code:

          SET PRINT ON
          SET PRINT TO
          SET PRINT TO test.txt
          SET PRINT TO
          SET PRINT OFF
  2. After the program has executed, you must quit FoxBASE+. At the MS-DOS prompt, issue the following command:

    DEBUG test.txt d

    The following line of hexadecimal characters will be displayed:

    0D 0A 1B 79 65 73 0D 01-8B C3 48 12 B1 04 50 50 1B hex=chr(27) 79 hex=Y 65 hex=E 73 hex=S

    NOTE: "00 hex" is not present after "73 hex".
  3. Press Q to quit Debug.

If the same code is executed in FoxPro versions 1.02 and later for MS-DOS, Debug will produce the following line of hexadecimal characters:

0D 0A 1B 79 65 73 00 0D-0A C3 48 12 B1 04 62 75

1B hex=chr(27)
79 hex=Y
65 hex=E
73 hex=S
00 hex=chr(0)

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