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Microsoft KB Archive/102977

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Article ID: 102977

Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

This article was previously published under Q102977


The article contains REGISTRY entries for User Preferences, Part 2. These subgroups are included:

  • Cursor Entry Values for Users
  • Desktop Entry Values for Users
  • Environment Variable Entries for Users
  • File Manager Entries for Users
  • File Manager Software Settings
  • Extensions Entries for Users

This is the second of five articles on the User Preferences entries; for the other entries, see "User Preferences Entries, Part 1," and "User Preferences Entries, Part 3," "User Preferences Entries, Part 4" and "User Preferences Entries, Part 5."


The information presented here is primarily for troubleshooting, showing the default entry values and explaining the meaning of important entries. There are no hidden values that you can set for user preferences. All of these values can be set using the icons in Control Panel or the tools in the Administrative Tools group, or other programs provided with Windows NT.

All Registry paths shown here are for HKEY_CURRENT_USER, to show how you can view entries for the currently logged on user. However, most of these entries also appear in HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT, where changing entries will change values for the default user profile.


The Cursor subkey contains entries that specify the .ANI or .CUR files
containing custom cursors defined using the Cursor icon in Control Panel.
There are no entries in this key unless the user changes cursor styles in
Control Panel. All data types are REG_SZ. The following lists the names for
possible default entries:



The Desktop key contains entries that control the appearance of the screen
background and the position of windows and icons on the screen. The
following shows the Registry path:

   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

To change most of these entries, use the Desktop icon in Control Panel. The
Desktop subkey can contain the following entries:

BorderWidth   REG_SZ   number
Default: 3

Sets the width of the borders around all the windows that have sizeable
borders. The possible range is 1 (narrowest) to 49 (widest).

CoolSwitch   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1

Turns fast task switching on or off. To change this entry, choose the
Desktop icon from Control Panel, and check or clear the Fast ALT+TAB
Switching option in the Task List dialog box.

CursorBlinkRate   REG_SZ   milliseconds
Default: 530

Indicates how much time elapses between each blink of the selection cursor.

GridGranularity   REG_SZ   number
Default: 0

Specifies the size of the grid used to position windows on the screen. The
possible range is 0 through 49, in units of 8 pixels.

IconSpacing   REG_SZ   pixels
Default: 75

Specifies the number of pixels that appear horizontally between icons. A
larger number increases the space between icons.

IconTitleFaceName   REG_SZ   fontname
Default: Helv

Specifies the font used to display icon titles. Change this value if the
icon title is difficult to read.

IconTitleSize   REG_SZ   number
Default: 9

Specifies the size of the font used to display icon titles. Change this
value if the icon title is difficult to read.

IconTitleStyle   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 0

IconTitleWrap   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1

Specifies whether to wrap icon titles. A value of 1 allows icon title
wrapping and increases icon vertical spacing by three lines; 0 turns off
icon title wrapping.

Pattern   REG_SZ   b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8
Default: (None) (This string appears when no pattern is specified.)

Specifies a pattern for the screen background. The 8 numeric values define
a bitmap 8 pixels wide and 8 pixels high. Each decimal value represents a
byte, and each byte represents a row of 8 pixels, where 0 sets the
corresponding pixel to the background color, and 1 sets the corresponding
pixel to the foreground color (specified by the Background and WindowText
values in the Colors subkey, respectively).

For example, if you set the b1 value to the decimal value 175, the top row
of pixels in the bitmap appears as the binary equivalent (10101111).

ScreenSaveActive   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 0

Specifies whether a screen saver should be displayed if the system is not
actively being used. Set this value to 1 to use a screen saver; 0 turns off
the screen saver.

ScreenSaverIsSecure   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 0

Specifies whether a password is assigned to the screen saver.

ScreenSaveTimeOut   REG_SZ   seconds
Default: 900

Specifies the amount of time that the system must be idle before the screen
saver appears.

Default: (None)

Specifies the screensaver executable filename.

TileWallpaper   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 0

Specifies that the desktop wallpaper is tiled across the screen if this
value is 1, or centered if this value is 0.

Wallpaper   REG_SZ   bitmap-filename
Default: "(None)" (This string appears when no pattern is specified.)

Supplies the filename for the bitmap on the screen background. Include the
path if the file is not in the SystemRoot or SystemRoot\SYSTEM32 directory.


The Environment subkey contains the user environment variables, as defined
by choosing the System icon in Control Panel. Changes to these variables
take effect the next time a non-Windows NT-based application is run or the
command prompt is used. These value entries are found under the following


The default is the environment variables defined in the user's profile at


This section describes settings for user preferences in File Manager.

File Manager Software Settings

The File Manager subkey under this Registry path contains the user
preferences for the appearance of items in File Manager:

   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\File Manager\Settings

The following entries can appear. Most items have a default setting and do
not appear unless the user makes changes in File Manager.

AddOns   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: (none)

ConfirmDelete   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1 (enabled)

Specifies whether the user is to be prompted to confirm file deletion

ConfirmFormat   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1 (enabled)

Specifies whether the user is to be prompted to confirm formatting

ConfirmMouse   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1 (enabled)

Specifies whether the user is to be prompted to confirm mouse drag- and-
drop requests.

ConfirmReplace   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1 (enabled)

Specifies whether the user is to be prompted to confirm file replacement

ConfirmSubDel   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1 (enabled)

Specifies whether the user is to be prompted to confirm subdirectory
deletion requests.

ConfirmSystemHiddenReadOnly   REG_SZ   Boolean
Default: 1 (enabled)

Specifies whether the user is to be prompted to confirm for system, hidden,
or read-only file changes.

dir1   REG_SZ   Comma-separated list
Default: 0,0,522,249,-1,-1,1,0,202,2033,261,C:\WINNT\*.*

The current directory settings.

Face   REG_SZ   Typeface

Specifies the name of the typeface used for desktop items. Default: MS Sans

FaceWeight   REG_SZ   Number

Specifies 700 for bold or bold italic, 400 for regular or italic. LowerCase
REG_DWORD    0, 1, 4, 8 Specifies values for lowercase variables checked in
the Fonts dialog box, as follows:

Value      Meaning

0          No options checked
0x1        Lowercase for FAT drives
0x4        Italic
0x8        Lowercase for all drives

NumButtons   REG_SZ   Number
Default: 15000000

Size   REG_SZ   Number
Default: 8

The point size for the typeface.

ToolbarWindow   REG_SZ

Contains user-defined settings for the toolbar, as defined in the Options
menu in File Manager.

Window   REG_SZ   Numbers
Default: 0,0,640,480, , ,2

Specifies the size and position of the window and whether it is maximized
when opened. Use the mouse to move and size the window.

Extensions Entries for Users

The Extensions subkey identifies personal preferences for document files
with corresponding command lines, so that opening a document file in File
Manager automatically starts the application. The extensions are found in
the following Registry path:

   \Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Extensions

The following default entries are defined. All have a REG_SZ data type.
bmp=pbrush.exe ^.bmp crd=cardfile.exe ^.crd ini=notepad.exe ^.ini
pcx=pbrush.exe ^.pcx rec=recorder.exe ^.rec trm=terminal.exe ^.trm
txt=notepad.exe ^.txt wri=write.exe ^.wri   The extension information for
all users can be viewed and modified in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. This is where
you will find the filetypes and extension information for File Manager.


"The Windows NT Resource Kit for Operating System Version 3.1".

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