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INF: C 5.1 Libraries No Longer Available PSS ID Number: Q102954 Article last modified on 05-01-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft C compiler for MS-DOS, version 5.1

Microsoft no longer provides the Microsoft C version 5.1 run-time libraries. In the past, Microsoft provided these libraries to programmers who needed them for writing Windows 2.0 applications.

Microsoft also provided these libraries to “Clipper” users. (Clipper is a database package sold by Computer Associates). With the run-time libraries from Microsoft C version 5.1 and an older version of the Microsoft C compiler (5.1 or 6.0), developers could link C code with the Clipper programs. An undocumented /Gh compiler option was used when compiling with C version 6.0 and linking with the C 5.1 libraries.

The C 5.1 libraries have been discontinued. If you are using a development package that requires the use of the Microsoft C 5.1 libraries, please contact the vendor of the product to inquire about updated versions that can be used with the current version of the Microsoft C/C++ compiler.

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