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  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
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  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

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The Sony CDU-31A CD-ROM is not by default available for setup or for use with Windows NT. However, there is a driver and setup information for this CD-ROM on the Windows NT CD-ROM.

NOTE: Most Gateway 2000 computers that ship with the Sony CDU-31A CD-ROM drive come with the Sony COR-334 host adapter. This host adapter is an OEM version of the Sony CDB-334 and is identical to this card in all respects. There is more information in the Microsoft Knowledge Base on Sony CD-ROM drives and Gateway 2000 computers available in article 104764.

The factory defaults for the Sony COR-334 and CDB-334 are: I/O base port address set to 340 hex, DMA channel set to none, and IRQ set to none. No IRQ setting is neccessary for the card to operate correctly under MS-DOS, and therefore most COR-334 and CDB-334 adapters are not configured for an IRQ. However, Windows NT requires the use of an IRQ. Use the instructions in the README.TXT file to configure the adapter for use with Windows NT. Installation instructions are in the following directory:

   \drvlib\storage\sony_31a\x86 (or MIPS)

It is necessary to view the README.TXT from MS-DOS. The directory includes the following files:


Jumper settings for the Sony COR-334 and CDB-332 host adapter are as follows:

   Jumper Row   Function
   JP1           Base Address
   JP2          DMA Channel
   JP3          DMA Channel
   JP4          IRQ Channel

Base Address Jumper Pin Settings

On indicates the presence of a jumper switch on the pin. Jumper pins are read from left to right. JP1.1 refers to jumper row 1 pin 1.

   Base Address   JP1.1   JP1.2   JP1.3   JP1.4
   320            on      on      off     off
   330            on      off     off     off
   340*           off     on      off     off
   360            off     off     off     off

   (*default setting)

Interrupt Jumper Settings

IRQ    JP4.1   JP4.2   JP4.3   JP4.4
3      off     off     on      off
4      off     on      off     on
5      on      off     off     off
6      off     on      off     off


For reference, the contents of the README.TXT file with installation instructions follow:


Sony CDU-31A device driver for the Windows NT(tm) operating system

The device drivers and this file are owned by Sony and protected by United States copyright laws, international treaty provisions, and all other applicable national laws. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the device drivers.

Copy all files from this directory to the root directory of a floppy disk and mark it 'Sony - CDU-31A setup disk'.

Installing from a CDU-31A - x86 processor

To install Windows NT from a CDU-31A drive with no other supported SCSI host adapter installed, boot the computer from the Boot floppy provided with the operating system. After you hit ENTER to indicate 'install now' and then choose either Express or Custom install, the installation software searches for a supported host adapter and CD-ROM drive. It displays 'Scanning for SCSI adapters' in the bottom of the screen. The device drivers used during this phase of installation are expected to be on the Windows NT CD-ROM disc, which these currently are not. When the scan is complete, the install program asks if you want to 'Configure Additional SCSI adapters', hit 'S' to select this. It then displays a list of adapters with the last line highlighted reading: 'Other (Requires disk provided by a hardware manufacturer)'. This is the setup floppy created above. Hit Enter to select other, the program prompts to insert the floppy, do so and hit Enter again. The install program then reads the slcd32.sys device driver from the floppy, installs it, finds the CDU-31A drive and uses it to install the operating system.

The install program also makes all of the necessary registry entries automatically.

For this to work the CDU-31A host adapter MUST be set for IRQ 5. NOTE, THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE PREVIOUS BETA. PREVIOUSLY THE DRIVER USED IRQ 3. If the host adapter jumpers are later changed the registry must be manually edited using REGEDT32.

Adding support for CDU-31A to a pre-existing NT system

Within Windows NT under the window 'main', 'Windows NT Setup' select 'Options', then 'Add/Remove SCSI Adapters'. Then click on the 'Add' button. In the window 'Select SCSI Adapter Option', scroll the 'Adapter' selection down to 'Other (Requires a disk from a hardware manufacturer)'. Click on this option and when prompted insert the floppy with the Sony files. The system copies the device driver from the floppy and makes all the necessary registry entries automatically. These entries assume an IRQ of 5. If the host adapter jumpers are later changed or if you are using an IRQ other than 5, the registry must be manually edited using REGEDT32.

31A Unique registry entry data

In addition to the normal mini-port stuff, the registry entry allows specifying a base port address for the host adapter and which IRQ it's set for. If the base port address is specified, then the driver does not do its search for a host adapter and drives.

Specifically, under the entry for Slcd32 add a key for 'Parameters', and under this add the key 'Device0'. This is for the first host adapter. Under this add a value named 'DriverParameter' of type REG_SZ. This is a string where you can specify the parameters. Entries are of the form: 'name = value' where allowable names are: 'base' and 'irq'. Upper or lowercase is not important and all values are hex. Entries are separated by spaces. For example to specify the defaults of the adapter jumpers and driver use the value:

   base = 340 irq = 5

The driver defaults to irq 5 and will search for a host adapter and drives if no entry is made. The hex port addresses searched are:

   340, 230, 330, 350, 360, 250, and 348

The base address and irq must match the host adapter jumper settings. Note that the Sony host adapter model CDB-334 currently does NOT come shipped with an irq selected since interrupts are not used with the MS-DOS device driver.

For installation, my registry entry is:

            Slcd32   -> Type: REG_DWORD: 0x1
                        Start: REG_DWORD: 0x1
                        Group: REG_SZ: SCSI miniport
                        ErrorControl: REG_DWORD: 0x1
                  Device0 -> DriverParameter: REG_SZ: base = 340 irq = 5

Jumper settings for the Sony CDB-334 host adapter.

Base Address jumpers

   Address   Jp1.1   Jp1.2
     360      off     off
     340      off     on
     350      on      off
     320      on      on

IRQ jumper settings

  Interrupt  JP4.3   JP4.4   JP4.1   JP4.2
      3       on      off     off     off
      4       off     on      off     off
      5       off     off     on      off
      6       off     off     off     on


   Copyright Sony Corporation, 1993, all rights reserved
   Sony CDU-31A device driver for the Windows NT(tm) operating system

The CDU-31A CD-ROM is manufactured by Sony, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this products' performance or reliability.

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