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Hard to Read Screen Builder Ruler in Windows 3.0 VGA Mode

ID: Q102896

2.50 WINDOWS kbprg

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, version 2.5

When FoxPro for Windows is running with Windows 3.0 in VGA mode with a standard font configuration, the numbers on the ruler in Screen Builder are hard to read, especially when the ruler is in centimeter or pixel mode.

This situation occurs because the ruler's font is not available in Windows 3.0; the font cannot be changed because it is internal to FoxPro for Windows.

Additional reference words: FoxWin 2.50 WINDOWS 3.0 SCREEN BUILDER FONT ANOMALY KBCategory: kbprg KBSubcategory: FxtoolSbuilder

Keywords          : FxtoolSbuilder 
Version           : 2.50
Platform          : WINDOWS

Last Reviewed: April 30, 1996
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