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PRJ: Err Msg: "Project Not Saved" When Saving Files


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Project for Windows, versions 3.0, 3.0a, 4.0


When there is a conflict in the computer when you save a document in Microsoft Project, you may receive the following error message:

Project not saved; any previously saved copy has been deleted.


This problem may occur in either of the following two situations:

  • You are running Microsoft Project in OS/2 Windowed mode.
  • You are running Microsoft Project with the DEC Pathworks KEYBRD.EXE driver installed.


You may be able to save a document in Microsoft Project by doing the following:

  • Switch between applications, minimize and restore Microsoft Project.
  • Bring up the Task List, switch to Program Manager, and then use the Task List to switch back to Microsoft Project.

If these methods do not allow you to save a project, save the projects in separate Microsoft Excel files using the Export table(s) for both resources and tasks, and then merge these files together after the problem has been corrected.

If You Are Using OS/2

If you are running Microsoft Project under OS/2, you can run a Windows application in full screen or windowed mode. When you run Microsoft Project in windowed mode, you may receive the "Project not saved" error message.

To work around this problem, run Microsoft Project in a full screen. To switch an application from a window to a full screen, do the following:

NOTE: If Microsoft Project is not an icon on the IBM OS/2 desktop, you need to create a new one. To do this, you need to be viewing the IBM OS/2 desktop, and proceed to migrate Microsoft Project. If an icon exists on the IBM OS/2 desktop, or inside one of its folders, you can proceed to step 14.

Migrating Microsoft Project to the OS/2 desktop:

  1. From the OS/2 desktop, Open the OS/2 System program.
  2. Open the System Setup program.
  3. Open the Migrate Applications program.
  4. De-select DOS programs and OS/2 programs.
  5. Choose Find. . .IBM OS/2 searches the hard drive for Microsoft Windows compatible programs.
  6. From the Applications list, de-select all applications except Microsoft Project.
  7. Choose Migrate. This creates a new folder on the IBM OS/2 desktop called WIN-OS/2 Groups, and places the correct icon inside this folder.
  8. Choose OK.
  9. Choose Exit, and confirm exiting by choosing OK.
  10. Close the System Setup--Icon View on the desktop.
  11. Close the OS/2 System--Icon View on the desktop.
  12. Open the WIN-OS/2 Groups folder.
  13. Open the Microsoft Project folder in the WIN-OS/2 Groups--Icon View.
  14. Select with the right mouse button the Microsoft Project icon. This activates the icon's command menu.
  15. Select Open, and choose Settings.
  16. Choose the Session tab.
  17. Switch the session to WIN-OS/2 Full Screen.
  18. Close the Microsoft Project--Settings dialog by Selecting the Control Box at the top left corner, and choosing Close.

NOTE: IBM OS/2 does not allow this change to full screen mode until any currently running sessions of Microsoft Project are closed. This means a session of Microsoft Project cannot be switched between modes while it is running.

Once you make these changes, when you run Microsoft Project, the screen will go blank for a short time, and then Microsoft Project will be displayed. This is normal behavior.

If You Are Using DEC Pathworks

The DEC Pathworks network often loads a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) application, KEYBRD.EXE, in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. When this file is removed, Microsoft Project can save files without an error being generated.

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