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PUB: Sharing Violation Starting Publisher 2.0

PUB: Sharing Violation Starting Publisher 2.0


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a
 - Microsoft Works for Windows, version 3.0


Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Works may generate the following error
message when you try to load either the ClipArt Gallery and/or the
application program file (Mspub.exe or Msworks.exe):

   Error: Sharing Violation on drive [x]
   Could not open {filename}.

where drive x: is the shared Windows or Publisher drive. Sometimes
the error specifies a filename such as Ole2.dll. Sometimes it does


The error occurs when running a shared (network) version of Publisher
and some of the Publisher files, or Windows files required by Publisher
are not marked read-only. This usually happens on networks such as the
Lantastic network, where file protection is set file-by-file instead of
directory-by-directory. This error can also occur on a network that
previously ran Publisher successfully if a new workstation is set up.


This can be caused by running a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR)
program called Norton Smart Erase (Smartcan.exe).

Smart Erase is an erase-protection utility included with version 2.0 of
Norton Desktop for Windows (NDW); it hides deleted files in a hidden
directory, allowing them to be recovered.

This utility is incompatible with Share.exe, which is required by
Publisher 2.0 and Works 3.0. If you run Smart Erase while Publisher or
Works is running, Smart Erase may cause frequent sharing violation messages
and data corruption.


Method 1: Make Files Read-only

Ensure that all files in the shared Publisher AND the shared Windows
directory are marked read-only.

IMPORTANT: If you are setting up several workstations using the SETUP /N
command and you are running a shared (networked) copy of Windows, set up
all the workstations first and then set the read-only protection. This is
important because each time you run SETUP /N, Publisher writes new copies
of the essential Windows files (DLLs) to the shared Windows directory. On
some networks (for example, Lantastic) this resets the file protection to
Read-Write. If you later set up a new workstation to run Publisher, the
error may occur again for the same reason.

Method 2: Remark Out Norton Smart Erase in Autoexec.bat

This problem was corrected in Norton Desktop for Windows version 2.2
and 3.0. If you have an earlier version, follow the directions listed

To correct this problem, remark out Norton Smart Erase in the Autoexec.bat
file. To do this, edit your Autoexec.bat file with an editor such as

1. Run Notepad.

2. From the File menu, choose Open and type


   in the File Name box. Choose OK.

3. In Autoexec.bat, place your cursor in front of the line that contains
   the command to run Smartcan.exe, such as


   and disable it by inserting a remark statement at the beginning of
   the line. For example:

      rem c:\norton\smartcan.exe

4. From the File menu, choose Save to save the changes you made to

5. From the File menu, choose Exit to exit Notepad.

6. Exit Windows.

7. Restart your computer.

Method 3: Disable 32-bit File Access

To do this, follow these steps:

1. From the Windows Control Panel, choose Enhanced.

2. Select the Virtual Memory button.

3. Select the Change button.

4. Remove the X in the Use 32-bit File Access box.

5. Select OK, then Yes to the message "Are you sure you want to make
   changes to virtual-memory settings?"

6. You will have to Select the Restart Windows button for the changes to
   take effect.


For more information about sharing violations when opening a file, please
please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q116045
   TITLE     : PUB2: Canon BJC-600 Causes Sharing Violation When Opening File

There are Sharing Violations that have been resolved by replacing
C:\DOS\SHARE.EXE /L:500 /F:5100 (in the AUTOEXEC.BAT) with
device=VSHARE.386 (in the [386ENH] section of the SYSTEM.INI), or a
corrupt VSHARE.386 files.

For more information about using Norton's Smart Erase, contact Symantec
Technical Support at (310) 449-4900.

Norton Desktop for Windows and Norton Smart Erase are manufactured by
Symantec, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty,
implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or

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