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If you are connected directly to a Hewlett-Packard (HP) network printer using Data Link Control (DLC), you may not be able to print if another workstation is connected to the same printer and it is configured to use Continuous Timers.


If a workstation is connected to an HP network printer and is using Continuous as the Timer, it will not relinquish the printer after printing and other workstations cannot print even though they are connected.


To work around this problem, follow the procedure below for each workstation connected to the HP network printer:

  1. Start Print Manager and select the network printer.
  2. Select Printer Properties. In the Hewlett-Packard Network Peripheral Port dialog box, select Timers.
  3. Change the setting to Job Based instead of Continuous. The default is Continuous with 60 sec Time Interval.


The Job Based option breaks the connection between available workstations and the printer after each job. This allows several workstations on the network to use the HPMON.DLL printer driver to print directly to a network-connected peripheral.

The Continuous option does not break the connection between the server and the printer. It is possible to set up a Print Server so that workstations that want to print to the DLC printer must use the shared printer defined on the server. This allows the network administrator to maintain one workstation as a print server so that other workstations do not have to have the HPMON.DLL printer driver installed.

NOTE: On a single LAN, only one of these methods should be used. If one workstation is configured for Job Based (as is the HP Monitor utility for Windows for Workgroups), while another workstation is configured for Continuous, the workstation using the Job Based configuration will be unable to print after the workstation using Continuous has printed.

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