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Microsoft KB Archive/102787

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How to Configure FoxPro for Maximum Performance

ID: Q102787

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro for Windows, version 3.0
  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, versions 2.5x, 2.6x

FoxPro 2.x Only

When you want to get the most out of FoxPro and the memory available and are not running other applications in Windows, add the following line to the CONFIG.FPW file: '

   MEMLIMIT = 85 

This line will cause FoxPro to take 85 percent of the memory available under Windows, thus limiting the number of other applications or utilities that can be open at the same time. MEMLIMIT defaults to 1.5 MB if the MEMLIMIT command is not included in the configuration file. However, the MEMLIMIT statement will not have any effect in Visual FoxPro since memory is dynamically allocated to the program.

NOTE: Visual FoxPro does not use the MEMLIMIT command.

FoxPro 2.x and Visual FoxPro

To further increase performance, add the following lines to the CONFIG.FPW file: '

   REFRESH = 0,0

In addition, if you are on a network, make sure your temporary, sort, and work files all point to a local or RAM drive, provided the RAM drive is large enough.


For more information about optimizing Visual FoxPro, refer to the Optimizing Your System topic in online Help.


FoxPro 2.x for Windows

"Installation and Configuration," version 2.5, Chapter 3, "Optimizing Your System" Additional query words: FoxWin VFoxWin 2.50 2.50a 2.50b 2.60 2.60a Memory Configure Optimize

Keywords          : FxenvConfigfp 
Version           : 2.5x 2.6x 3.00
Platform          : WINDOWS 
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Last Reviewed: August 8, 1999
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