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Mac Works: Printing Envelopes from a DB to a HP DeskWriter

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  • == Microsoft Works for the Macintosh, versions 3.0, 4.0 ==


The following are basic instructions for printing envelopes from a Microsoft Works Database file to a Hewlett-Packard (HP) DeskWriter.

The information provided here assumes your printer feeds envelopes widthwise, or top edge first.

To set up your word processing document to print to an envelope, please refer to the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q130624 Mac Works 4.0: Printing Envelopes from WP to a HP DeskWriter


  1. From the Form menu, choose New Form.

    1. Name the form.

    2. Select Envelope under Standard Sizes. Choose #10 Legal Envelope.

    3. Click the Fields button.

    4. Select the desired field in the Auto Place Fields dialog box and choose Place. Click OK twice. You will now be in Design View.

    5. Arrange the fields on the envelope as desired.

  2. From the File menu, choose Page Setup. Use the following settings:

    1. Media Size: Envelope

    2. Press the Document button and set your margins:

      Margins: Left=0.25 inches Right =0.25 inches Top =0.25 inches Bottom=0.25 inches

    3. Click the portrait graphic under Orientation.

  3. Click OK twice to exit Page Setup. You may receive the following message:

    This document has margins that are very small or negative. Some parts may not print. To enlarge the margins, from File menu, choose Page Setup, then click the Document button.

    Click OK.

  4. Place the envelope with the flap side facing up.

  5. Slide the envelope all the way up to the rollers.

  6. From the Form menu, choose Data View.

  7. From the File menu, choose Print. Click OK.

  8. You will receive the following message:

    Insert the next envelope when the printer READY light blinks. Then press the printer Select key…

    Push the Select key on the printer panel. The printer will then advance and print the envelope.

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