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Microsoft KB Archive/102590

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Using ReplaceItem() Command in Program Manager DDE


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.1


Program Manager has a dynamic-data exchange (DDE) command-string interface that allows other applications to manipulate its group windows. Windows version 3.1 has a new command called ReplaceItem(), which instructs Program Manager to delete an item and replace it with a new item when Program Manager receives a subsequent AddItem() command.


The syntax for the ReplaceItem() command is


where ItemName is the name of the item that is to be replaced.

The ReplaceItem() command instructs Program Manager to delete the given ItemName and record the position of the deleted item. The next time Program Manager receives an AddItem() command, it adds the new item to this previously recorded position, effectively replacing the deleted item with the new one.

For example, Program Manager has a group called "MAIN" with an item called "TEST". To replace the item TEST with a new item "NEW", the following commands must be executed:

   ShowGroup ("MAIN", 1);    //Activate the group first.
   ReplaceItem ("TEST");
   AddItem ("NEW"); 

The position of the newly added item will be the same as the deleted item (TEST) regardless of what parameters are passed in the AddItem() command. Given that the position (xpos, ypos) of item TEST was (10, 10) in the group MAIN before it was replaced by item NEW, specifying a new (xPos, yPos) position for NEW in the AddItem() command has no effect. Program Manager adds the NEW item at the recorded position (10, 10) in MAIN.

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