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Microsoft KB Archive/102525

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PRA: SQORA.DLL Does Not Allow Lengthy SQL Statements

PSS ID Number: Q102525 Article last modified on 10-04-1994



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Access version 1.1


When you are executing a query against, or updating a record in, an Oracle table, the following error message is displayed

Statement was longer then allowable maximum 2000+ chars

if the table and field names are long or the query is complex.


This occurs because of a problem with SQORA.DLL, the Oracle ODBC driver.


Obtain and install the updated driver, or use queries to do updates, rather than updating records with the Oracle table in Datasheet view. The query should yield only the columns to be updated.

For complex queries, reduce both the number of tables or joins in the query and the number of fields used or shown in the query.

These workarounds reduce the lengths of SQL statements.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Oracle ODBC driver shipped with Microsoft Access version 1.1 and Microsoft Visual Basic version 3.0 (Professional Edition). An updated driver that corrects this specific problem is available from Microsoft.


How to Obtain the Updated Driver

ORA110.EXE, a self-extracting zipped file, can be downloaded from the MSACCESS forum on CompuServe (Library 11, ODBC Connectivity), or from the Microsoft Software Data Library (MSDL).

If you are unable to download the file, Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) will send you the file on disk by mail. This disk also contains the updated Btrieve driver.

NOTE: This driver is for use by registered owners of Microsoft Access 1.1 and Visual Basic 3.0 (Professional Edition) only. By installing these files, you are indicating that you own one of these two products.

PSS Disk Contents

The PSS disk contains the following files:


NOTE: The SETUP.EXE file is called by the ODBC control panel facility and will not run as a stand-alone file.

The following two files are actually updated:

                      Old                     New

SQORA.DLL Version: 1.00.2816 Version: 1.00.3112 Size: 143,600 bytes Size: 144,096 bytes Date: 4/16/93 Date: 7/12/93

SQORASTP.DLL Version: 1.00.2403 Version: 1.00.3106 Size: 9,328 bytes Size: 9,632 bytes Date: 5/7/93 Date: 7/6/93

A README.TXT file documents the changes to the Btrieve and Oracle drivers and the installation procedures for each.

Oracle drivers are manufactured by Oracle Corporation and Btrieve drivers by Novell, Inc., vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products’ performance or reliability.

Additional reference words: 1.10 KBCategory: kbusage KBSubcategory: ObcOthr ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.