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Microsoft KB Archive/102493

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Create Envelope Command Does Not Allow Paragraph Formatting

PSS ID Number: Q102493 Article last modified on 03-07-1997

====================================================================== 5.10 MACINTOSH kbprint

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for the Macintosh, version 5.1


When you use the Create Envelope command, paragraph formatting–such as Line Spacing, Indentation, and Justification–is unavailable. This includes formatting from the Format Paragraph dialog box, the ruler’s formatting buttons, or any paragraph formatting command that has been added to any menu.

NOTE: Character formatting of Bold, Italic, and Underline is available, but only from the Format menu.


This behavior is by design.


To create envelopes with paragraph formatting, you must manually create and format the envelope. You can do this by starting a new file, typing in the desired address (and return address if appropriate), and formatting the document margins to move the address to the appropriate location on the page. Depending on the printer in use, the page orientation may also have to be switched to landscape orientation.

Several templates have been included with Word to speed envelope creation. The templates for various printers can be found in the Envelopes folder in the Sample Documents folder (usually found in the Word folder). Manually creating envelopes with or without the templates allows access to all Paragraph and Character formatting options.

For more information about manually creating envelopes, refer to pages 103-108 in the “User’s Guide” for version 5.0/5.1.


“User’s Guide” for Microsoft Word version 5.0/5.1, pages 103-108

“What’s New in Microsoft Word Version 5.1,” pages 9-15

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