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Microsoft KB Archive/102415

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PRB: "No Field to Process" Error Message with FoxPro Ver 2.5a

ID: Q102415

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, version 2.5a
  • Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS, version 2.5a


When you issue the BROWSE or MODIFY STRUCTURE command, the message "No fields to process" (error #47) is displayed. However, the database does contain fields.


FoxPro version 2.5a allows diacritical marks (accent marks) to be used in field names. If the current version of FoxPro cannot translate accents or translates them to unauthorized characters, field names are not recognized. If every field in the database contains an accent, no fields can be processed and the error message "No field to process" is displayed. This error will occur when you port a database from one platform to another.


Versions of FoxPro earlier than version 2.5a do not allow the use of accented characters in field names. If a table was created with accented characters in FoxPro version 2.5a, its structure must be modified before it is opened in prior versions of FoxPro.

To allow automatic translation of accented characters in FoxPro version 2.5a, add the statement CODEPAGE=AUTO to the FoxPro configuration file (CONFIG.FP or CONFIG.FPW).

Additional reference words: FoxDos FoxWin 2.50a umlaut circumflex diaeresis cedilla grave acute KBCategory: kbprg kbprb KBSubcategory: FxenvConfigfp

Last Reviewed: June 27, 1995
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