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Microsoft KB Archive/102213

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Transferring Files Between Works 2.0 for Windows and Excel

ID: q102213

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Works versions 2.0, 2.0a for Windows
  • Microsoft Excel versions 4.0, 5.0 for Windows


This article contains information about how to transfer files between Works 2.0 and Microsoft Excel 4.0 and 5.0, including a table that lists the features that will convert, features that will NOT convert, and comments on the conversion. Features are grouped for discussion based upon characters, cell and page formatting, formulas, and other features.


Works 2.0 cannot open Microsoft Excel files directly. They must first be saved in the Works for Windows spreadsheet file format (WKS) using the following steps:

1. In Microsoft Excel, open the file you want to convert.

2. From the File menu, choose Save As.

3. Enter a new name for the spreadsheet and select WKS (WKS (1-2-3) in

   version 5.0) in the Save File As Type box. Choose OK or press ENTER.

The spreadsheet can now be opened directly into Works for Windows.


Works files can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel by using the following steps:

1. In Microsoft Excel, choose Open from the File menu.

2. Change to the directory where the file is located.

3. Type "*.WKS" (without the quotation marks) in the File Name box

   and press ENTER.

4. Select the file you want to open and choose OK.


The following table lists the features that will convert and those that will not convert. It also provides additional comments as needed.

                       Works to      Excel to
 Feature               Excel         Works       Comments

 Character                                       Converted to the
 Formatting                                      default in Works
                                                 for Windows if the
                                                 feature is not

     Font              No            No

     Size              No            No

     Bold              No            No

     Color             N/A           No

     Italic            No            No

     Underline         No            No

 Cell Formatting

     Leading Zeros     No            N/A         Excel translates
                                                 leading zeros into the
                                                 currency format.

     Exponential       Yes           Yes

     True/False        No            N/A

     Currency          Yes           Yes

     Percent           Yes           Yes

     Time              No            No

     Date              Partial       Partial     Entries will transfer
                                                 as dates, but the date
                                                 format may change in
                                                 both Excel and Works.

     Numbers           N/A           No          Transferred from Excel
                                                 into Works as a
                                                 decimal number.

     Patterns          N/A           No

     Protect Data      Yes           Yes         Cell Protection in
                                                 Excel will transfer
                                                 into Works for
                                                 Windows. The Object
                                                 Protection or Window
                                                 Protection will not.

 Page Formatting

     Margins           No            No

     Page Size         No            No          Printer Driver Settings
                                                 are retained in both
                                                 Works for Windows and

     Page Break(s)     No            No

 Alignment (Text)

     Centered          Yes           Yes

     Left              Yes           Yes

     Right             Yes           Yes

     Justified         N/A           No

 Alignment (Numbers)

     Centered          No            No

     Left              No            No

     Right             No            No

     Justified         N/A           No

     Column Width      Yes           Yes         The fractional parts of
                                                 the column width in
                                                 Excel will be dropped in
                                                 Works for Windows.
     Row Height        N/A           No

     Shading           N/A           No

     Borders           No            No

     Headers/Footers   Yes           Partial     The basic text will
                                                 convert from Excel to
                                                 Works. However, the
                                                 text formatting (font
                                                 size, font style, text
                                                 alignment) and the
                                                 inserted codes will be
                                                 lost. Multi-line
                                                 Headers and Footers in
                                                 Excel will be changed to
                                                 a single line in Works
                                                 for Windows.

     Show Gridlines    No            Yes

     Don't Show
     Gridlines         Yes           No

     Show Formulas     No            No

     Print Gridlines   No            No

     Print Row and
     Column Headings   No            No


     Exists in Works
     and Excel         Yes           Yes

     Exists only in

       ERR()           No            N/A

       TERM            Yes           N/A         Translates as the NPER

     Exists only in
     Excel                                       Translates as text.
                                                 Some formulas are lost
                                                 and the formulas'
                                                 results are used
                                                 instead. (For instance,
                                                 TODAY() in Excel
                                                 translates to NOW() in
                                                 Works for Windows.)

 Other Features:

     Calculation       Yes           Yes

     Split Screen      Partial       No          A Works for Windows
                                                 document with split
                                                 screens(four panes)will
                                                 open in Excel as
                                                 multiple windows of the
                                                 same document.

     Freeze Titles     Yes           Yes

     Range Names       Yes           No          Range Names in Excel
                                                 will transfer into Works
                                                 for Windows as the Range
                                                 Name with a $ before it.
                                                 This Range Name is not
                                                 always correct.

     Print Area        Yes           No

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Last Reviewed: October 22, 1998