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Microsoft KB Archive/102122

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Mac SMI: MAPI For AppleTalk Networks Error Codes

Article ID: 102122

Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for Appletalk Networks 3.0
  • Microsoft Mail for Appletalk Networks 3.1

This article was previously published under Q102122


Following are MAPI, Mail Application Programming Interface, error codes for versions 3.0 and 3.1 of Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks. You may see these error codes in any application or tool that uses MAPI.

NoDriver -2600 There is no Microsoft Mail driver present

OldDriver -2599 The driver's version is too old

NoServer -2598 The driver is not connected to a server

OldServer -2597 The server's version is too old

BadMessHandle -2596 The MessHdl doesn't point to a valid message

BadListHandle -2595 The ListHdl doesn't point to a valid list

TooManyEnclosures -2594 No more enclosures may be added

NoSuchEnclosure -2593 Index into enclosure list was out of bounds

MessAlreadySent -2592 Invalid request on sent message

CantReplyToStatus -2591 Can't reply to or forward status message

MessNotSent -2590 Invalid request on unsent message

NoRecipients -2589 Message has no recipients

BodyTooBig -2588 Body field greater than 32767 characters

BadFldrId -2587 Bad folder ID

RootFldr -2586 Folder is root of hierarchy

DupFldrName -2585 A folder with the same name already exists

BadFldrName -2584 Folder name is invalid

NoFCPInit -2583 FCP MAPI has not been initialized

BadListIndex -2582 List index was out of bounds

BadListField -2581 Subelem passed to msmGetListField was wrong

NoSuchServer -2580 No server with that serial number exists

AlreadyLoggedOn -2579 User is already logged on

EnclosuresTooBig -2578 Enclosure size limit exceeded

InvalidParameter -2577 Parameter is not valid (NULL?)

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