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Microsoft KB Archive/102029

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Microsoft Systems Journal: August 1993

ID: Q102029

3.10 WINDOWS kbprg kbfile


Note: "Microsoft Systems Journal" does not make any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to any code or other information herein. "Microsoft Systems Journal" disclaims any liability whatsoever for any use of such code or other information.

This article lists the filenames and Snumbers for files available from online services that contain the source code described in articles published in the August 1993 issue of the "Microsoft Systems Journal."


Item ID   Filename       Description
-------   --------       -----------

S14202    88WINQA.EXE    The 88WINQA.EXE file contains the source code for
                         the "Windows Q & A" column by Fran Finnegan.

S14203    88DOSQA.EXE    The 88WINQA.EXE file contains the source code for
                         the "MS-DOS Q & A" by Jeff Prosise.

S14201    THREADS2.EXE   The THREADS2.EXE file contains the source code for
                         the article named "Synchronizing Win32 Threads
                         Using Critical Sections, Semaphores, and Mutexes"
                         by Jeffrey Richter.

                         In Windows NT, serializing access to data and
                         system resources within processes and among
                         threads is nontrivial. Jeffrey Richter discusses
                         several techniques you can use to manage
                         multithreaded applications regardless of which
                         synchronization objects you use.

S14200    PORTING.EXE    The PORTING.EXE file contains the source code for
                         the article named "Port Your 16-bit Applications
                         to Windows NT Without Ripping Your Hair Out,"
                         by Scot Gellock.

                         A major design goal of Windows NT is to maintain
                         compatibility with its 16-bit sibling, but there's
                         still quite a bit to do. Although porting your
                         16-bit Windows-based application to Windows NT
                         sounds frightening, it's really not that difficult
                         a process.


You can download any of these self-extracting files from the following services:

  • Microsoft's World Wide Web Site on the Internet

          On the home page, click the Support icon.
          Click Knowledge Base, and select the product.
          Enter kbfile <FILENAME>.EXE, and click GO!
          Open the article, and click the button to download the file.
  • Internet (anonymous FTP)

          Change to the Softlib/Mslfiles directory.
          Get <FILENAME>.EXE
  • The Microsoft Network

          On the Edit menu, click Go To, and then click Other Location.
          Type "mssupport" (without the quotation marks).
          Double-click the MS Software Library icon.
          Find the appropriate product area.
          Download <FILENAME>.EXE.

    - Microsoft Download Service (MSDL)

          Dial (425) 936-6735 to connect to MSDL
          Download <Filename>.exe

For additional information about downloading, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q119591
   TITLE     : How to Obtain Microsoft Support Files from Online

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