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PC WRmt: Reducing Long Time-Outs with AT&T Driver

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail Remote 3.2

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When you are using the AT&T driver for Mail Remote for Windows, you might experience what seems to be extraordinarily long time-outs upon interruption of service from the AT&T host.

To shorten this time, use a serial communication cable between your modem and computer that supports Pin 8 for Carrier Detect, and select the Carrier Detect option in the Communications dialog box.


By default, the Carrier Detect option is not selected for use with the AT&T driver. This can allow common serial printer cables to be used for modem connections, even though these cables should not be used for modem communication.

If for any reason there is an interrupted connection, and the Carrier Detect check box is cleared (not selected), Mail may take several minutes to time-out.

To make the time-out faster, make sure your modem cable has a data carrier detect pin. If it does not, and you select the Carrier Detect check box, the modem will not connect to the AT&T Mail Service.

Once your have installed a serial communication cable that provides correct service of Pin 8 for Carrier Detection, select the Carrier Detect check box. To do this, choose Communications from the Mail menu, then choose the Communications button. The Communications dialog box appears with the Carrier Detect check box.

For more information about the carrier detect option, see section F, "Carrier Detection and Serial Cables" in section 2, "Mail Remote Driver" of the README.TXT file installed with Microsoft Mail Remote for Windows.

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