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  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.5
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.51
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Developer Edition
  • Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

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When you first run Workgroups Mail in Windows NT, you have to option to connect to an existing post office or to create a new post office. After you make your choice, you cannot make a different choice.

Windows NT 4.0

Use Windows NT 4.0 Add/Remove Program under Control Panel to recreate the post office. Steps to recreate the post office under Windows NT 4.0:

  1. Select Add/Remove Program under Control Panel
  2. Select Windows NT Setup
  3. Select Windows Messaging
  4. Uncheck the check box

Windows NT 3.x

To recreate the post office or to change your initial selection under Windows NT 3.x, you must perform the following nine steps to edit the Registry database.

WARNING: Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious, system-wide problems that may require you to reinstall Windows NT to correct them. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any problems resulting from the use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use this tool at your own risk.

  1. Start REGEDT32.
  2. Select the HKEY_CURRENT_USER subtree and search for the following subkey: Software\Microsoft\Mail\Microsoft Mail
  3. From the right side of the window, choose the Login:REG_SZ: value.
  4. From the Edit menu, choose String.
  5. Edit the string to remove any references; leave it blank.
  6. From the right side of the window, choose the ServerPath:REG_SZ: value.
  7. From the Edit menu, choose String.
  8. Edit the string to remove any references; leave it blank.
  9. Exit REGEDT32. When you start Mail it presents you with the initialization screens.


The Mail initialization procedure stores information in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER on Local Machine subkey. When you start Mail, it determines if the Login:REG_SZ: and ServerPath:REG_SZ: keys exist. If values exist for these keys, Mail attempt to execute the initialization procedure. If initialization fails because the WGPOMG32 dynamic-link library (DLL) is not found or is corrupted, Mail gives the following error message and asks if you would like to work offline:

Mail could not connect to your Mail server. The configuration for the Mail server path is missing or invalid.

A procedure in WGPOMG32 displays the Connect Or Create dialog box to allow you to either connect to an existing remote post office or to create a new workgroup post office. If you choose Cancel, WGPOMG32 closes Mail. If you choose OK, WGPOMG32 creates the following subkeys in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER on Local Machine subtree of the Registry database and returns to Mail which signs you in to the postoffice.

Software\Microsoft\Mail\Custom Commands

     EXF:REG_SZ:3.0;File;&Export Folder...;11;IMPEXP32.DLL;0;;Exports
     folder to a backup file;MSMAIL32.HLP;2860
     IMF:REG_SZ:3.0;File;&Import Folder...;12;IMPEXP32.DLL;1;;Imports
     folder from a backup file;MSMAIL32.HLP;2861
     WGPOMgr2:REG_SZ:3.0;Mail;&Postoffice Manager...;14;WGPOMG32.DLL;
     0;;Manage Workgroup Postoffice;MSMAIL32.HLP;2870

Software\Microsoft\Mail\Custom Messages

     IPM.Microsoft Schedule.MtgCncl:REG_SZ:3.0;;;;SchMsg32.DLL;;
     IPM.Microsoft Schedule.MtgReq:REG_SZ:3.0;;;;SchMsg32.DLL;;
     IPM.Microsoft Schedule.MtgRespA:REG_SZ:3.0;;;;SchMsg32.DLL;;
     IPM.Microsoft Schedule.MtgRespN:REG_SZ:3.0;;;;SchMsg32.DLL;;
     IPM.Microsoft Schedule.MtgRespP:REG_SZ:3.0;;;;SchMsg32.DLL;;

Software\Microsoft\Mail\Microsoft Mail


a Login:REG_SZ:username


b ServerPath:REG_SZ:<drive>:\<path>\WGPO or \\<server>\<share>


c Windows:REG_SZ:198 189 796 522 1 1 1 0


a Login:REG_SZ is the Mailbox name for a particular user.

b ServerPath:REG_SZ can a <logical drive>:\<path> or a UNC connection to the workgroup postoffice.

c In Windows:REG_SZ:, the first and second number give the size of the Mail window, the third and fourth numbers give the position of the Mail window, the fifth number is the zoom value (minimized, maximized, or normal), the sixth number is the toolbar value (enabled or disabled), the seventh number is the status bar value (enabled or disabled), and the eighth value is the scrollbar value (enabled when required or disabled).

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