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Microsoft KB Archive/101839

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Support for IBM Laser Printers in Word 6.0 for MS-DOS

PSS ID Number: Q101839 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

====================================================================== 6.00 MS-DOS kbprint

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, version 6.0


Word for MS-DOS directly supports the IBM Laser Printer family, which includes the following models:

IBM 4019 IBM 4029 IBM 4039


The following table describes each IBM Laser Printer model, which printer driver file each uses, and where to obtain the printer driver.

Printer Description Printer Driver Where Found ——- ———– ————– ———–

IBM 4019 Internal/Cartridge Fonts (PCL) IBM4019.PRD WORD DISKS

IBM 4019 Download Font Set 1 IBM4019A.PRD SUPP DISKS * Download Font Set 2 IBM4019B.PRD SUPP DISKS Download Font Set 3 IBM4019C.PRD SUPP DISKS

IBM 4019 With PostScript Option POSTSCRP.PRD WORD DISKS

IBM 4029 Internal/Cartridge Fonts (PCL) IBM4029.PRD SUPP DISKS (found on both drivers) IBM4039.PRD SUPP DISKS

IBM 4029 With PostScript Option POSTSCRP.PRD WORD DISKS

IBM 4039 Internal/Cartridge Fonts (PCL) IBM4039.PRD SUPP DISKS

IBM 4039 With PostScript Option POSTSCRP.PRD WORD DISKS

  • SUPP DISKS = Supplemental Printer Disks. To obtain the Supplemental Printer disks, mail in the coupon included with your Word materials or contact Microsoft Sales Information Center at
    1. 426-9400.


  • PCL support for the IBM 4029 and 4039 is available only on the Supplemental Printers Disks. PCL support for the IBM 4019 is available on the Word disks.
  • The IBM 4029 and 4039 “with PostScript Option” do not appear on the Printers list during Word Setup. To install support for these printers, select “IBM 4019 with PostScript Option” during Setup.
  • Both the IBM4029.PRD and IBM4039.PRD printer drivers support the IBM 4029 printer. If you select IBM 4029 during Setup, the IBM4029.PRD file is installed.

Download Font Support

Support for download fonts is available for the IBM 4019 only. The 4029 and 4039 do not support the downloading of fonts. The following is a list of the three font sets supported by the IBM 4019.

Font Set 1: Courier, Prestige, LetterGothic (IBM4019A.PRD) Helv, TmsRmn, BoldFace, CourierSymbol PrestigeSymbol, LetterGothicSymbol

Font Set 2: Delegate, Adjunct, LightItalic (IBM4019B.PRD) Futura, Optima, Title, Presentor, APL OCRA, OCRB, Modern, Palatino Orator, Testimonial

Font Set 3: Essay, OldEnglish, OldeWorld (IBM4019C.PRD) CenturySchoolBook, GundyOldStyle Baskerville, Script, Cursive

The PCL printer drivers included here are manufactured by Lexmark (the printer division of IBM), a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products’ performance or reliability.

KBCategory: kbprint KBSubcategory: Additional reference words: 6.00 ====================================================================== ============================================================================= Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.