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Microsoft KB Archive/101733

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PowerPoint Workstation Setup Fails - Corrupt POWERPNT.INI PSS ID Number: Q101733 Article last modified on 07-26-1993 PSS database name: W_PowerPt



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows, version 3.0 - Microsoft Windows operating system version 3.1


The network workstation installation (Setup /N) of PowerPoint may fail if the administrative setup (Setup /A) was installed into a directory that previously contained a “standalone” (non-shared) version of PowerPoint or a directory that already contains a copy of POWERPNT.INI.


When installing a shared version of PowerPoint to a network server using the Setup /A command (administrative setup), it is recommended that the installation be made to a new or empty directory. Failure to do so may result in the following error message during a subsequent node or workstation installation (Setup /N)

File Copy operation failed - incorrect number of bytes written to disk - source file or destination disk may be corrupted - use ChkDsk.

Source:<drive from>.INI Dest: <drive to>.IN

where <drive from> is the drive from which you are installing PowerPoint and <drive to> is the drive to which you are installing PowerPoint.

If you run the PowerPoint administrative setup (Setup /A) to a directory that contains a standalone version of POWERPNT.INI, the POWERPNT.INI file is not overwritten. If you run a workstation installation (Setup /N) to install PowerPoint on a workstation, the finished file size is incorrect, causing PowerPoint Setup to issue the above error message.

The correct size of the expanded POWERPNT.INI file in a shared installation is 261 bytes. If the above error is encountered and the size of the POWERPNT.INI in the shared PowerPoint directory is not 261 bytes, either delete the shared PowerPoint directory and run Setup /A again, or run Setup /A to a new directory on the network server.

For more information about installing PowerPoint on a network, see pages 642-645 in the “Microsoft PowerPoint Handbook.”

Additional reference words: 3.0 power point powerpt

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.