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Microsoft KB Archive/101665

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PSS ID Number: 101665

Article Last Modified on 2/26/2002

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1

This article was previously published under Q101665


Windows for Workgroups (WFWG) provides the functionality to work with Banyan VINES network versions 4.11(5), 5.00(5), and 5.50(1) or later. This allows a Banyan VINES client workstation to become a Windows for Workgroups workstation, thereby providing access to Banyan VINES servers and/or Windows for Workgroups servers.

This article contains the following sections:

  • How to Obtain the Banyan VINES NDIS Drivers
  • How to Install the Banyan VINES Drivers
  • Changes Made By the Banyan VINES Drivers
  • Banyan VINES Support for Token Ring with Windows for Workgroups


To install VINES support for Windows for Workgroups, first make sure you have the correct version of Banyan VINES drivers available either in a directory on your hard disk or on a floppy disk.

These drivers can be obtained by ordering the appropriate Application Note from Microsoft Product Support Services or by obtaining the drivers from Banyan VINES.

Banyan VINES drivers for Microsoft Windows for Workgroups version 3.1 can be downloaded from the Banyan On-line Access service (BOA) at (508) 836-1834.

The files needed to be downloaded from BOA are:

   VINES version 4.11(5)      V4115WFW.ZIP
   VINES version 5.0(5)       V5005WFW.ZIP
   VINES version 5.5(1)       V5051WFW.ZIP


To support Windows for Workgroups, your VINES network must be running version 4.11(5), 5.00(5), or 5.50(1) of the network software. If your network is running an earlier version, such as 4.10, you must first upgrade to a more recent version. If your network is running 5.00(6), you must first either reinstall version 5.00(5) or upgrade to 5.50(1).

The Banyan directory or the floppy disk contains the ADDNETS.EXE file, which you need to run before you install VINES support for Windows for Workgroups. The ADDNETS.EXE file modifies the NETWORK.INF file and installs other network software.

Before you install VINES network support, you need to install Windows for Workgroups. Once you've installed Windows for Workgroups, use the following steps to install VINES support:

  1. If you are running Windows for Workgroups, quit and return to the MS-DOS command prompt.
  2. Use a text editor to open your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and remove any VINES-specific commands (such as BAN, Z:LOGIN, and so forth).
  3. Save your modified AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
  4. Insert the disk in your floppy disk drive that contains the Banyan drivers, or change to the directory where they are located.
  5. At the MS-DOS command prompt, type the following and press ENTER

    <drive:>addnets <destination>

    where <drive> is your floppy disk drive and <destination> is the path for your Windows for Workgroups directory.

    NOTE: If Windows for Workgroups is in your PATH environment variable, you don't need to specify the destination. Also, if you are a network administrator and have installed Windows for Workgroups to a server by using Setup with the /A option, you can type the path to the shared server directory in place of the destination parameter to update that installation.

    The Addnets installation program modifies the NETWORK.INF file with VINES-specific information and installs some updated driver files (WFWNET.DRV and WFWSETUP.CPL).

This completes the steps that must be performed at the MS-DOS command prompt. To add the VINES network to your list of compatible Windows for Workgroups networks, continue with the following steps:

  1. Start Windows for Workgroups.
  2. In the Main group, choose the Control Panel icon.
  3. In the Control Panel window, choose the Network icon.

The Network Settings dialog box appears.

  1. Under Options, choose the Networks button.

The Compatible Networks dialog box appears.

  1. Under Available Network Types, select either Banyan VINES 4.11(5), Banyan VINES 5.00(5), or Banyan VINES 5.50(1) (depending on your network version), and then choose the Add button.

If the VINES files are on a disk, the VINES network software files are copied to your local hard disk drive from the disk. If the disk is not in your floppy disk drive, the system first prompts you to insert it. If the files are on your hard disk drive, you must direct it to the appropriate directory.

  1. Choose the OK button to close the Compatible Networks dialog box.

Control Panel displays a message indicating that the AUTOEXEC.BAT, PROTOCOL.INI, and SYSTEM.INI files have been modified. VINES- specific information has been added to these files. If you want to view them, use a text editor.

  1. Choose the OK button again.
  2. Remove the disk from your floppy disk drive (if any), and then restart your workstation.

You must restart your workstation to make the changes take effect.


The following additions are made when Banyan VINES connectivity is enabled in Windows for Workgroups:


CD <WFWG directory>

The above entry may include a drive letter before the directory name, which would cause the line to implement incorrectly. You may have to manually change the entry from


-to the following:

      <drive letter>:


The above entry loads the VINES software into the computer's memory and connects the computer to a VINES network. The NC switch examines communications hardware in the computer without initializing it.


This loads the NDIS-specific portion of the VINES software.


This loads support for all versions of MS-DOS.

ARSWAIT (Address Resolution Server Wait)

This entry waits until your computer has been assigned a network address by a server. After it sees that your network has received a network address from the network, it exits and allows your computer to continue.

NOTE: Normally this function is built into the VINES native drivers, but NDIS requires this functionality to be added after the NDIS driver is loaded.


This entry logs on to the network from the server (Z by default).




   lana0=ms$ee16,1,ban$vines      <- ms$ee16 is used for the INTEL
                                  <- EtherExpress 16 network card




   multinet=vines500              <- vines411 or vines550 for
                                  <- different VINES versions

If Microsoft LAN Manager connectivity is installed in addition to Banyan VINES, then the following line is changed in the SYSTEM.INI file:



Token-Ring support for Banyan VINES drivers in Windows for Workgroups is available directly in version 5.50(1). For support of version 4.11(5) or version 5.00(5) on a token-ring local area network (LAN) with Windows for Workgroups, you must install a site-specific patch for token-ring support. Patches for these versions to support token- ring LANs are available from Banyan VINES.

To change the LAN driver in VINES version 5.50(1), do the following:

  1. From the Windows directory, type pcconfig and press ENTER. This brings up a Banyan VINES menu.
  2. Select NETWORK CARD SETTINGS from the menu and then press ENTER. This brings up a list of network cards.
  3. From the network card list, select NDIS TOKEN-RING, and then press the F10 key twice to save your changes and exit the Banyan setup program.
  4. Reboot your computer to make the changes take effect.

For more information, call Banyan Systems at (508) 898-1000.

The products included here are manufactured by Banyan Systems, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding these products' performance or liability.

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