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Microsoft KB Archive/101611

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Publisher 2.0: COMPLETE Descriptions of New/Improved Features PSS ID Number: Q101611 Article last modified on 07-29-1993 PSS database name: W_MSPub



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Publisher version 2.0

This article describes the features in Publisher 2.0 that are new or have been improved.


Status Feature —— ——-

IMPROVED PageWizard design assistants walk you through the creation of newsletters, flyers, brochures, and other publications, then quickly creates the layout for you. (Ten PageWizards are new, and the rest have been redesigned and updated.)

IMPROVED/NEW Publisher includes PageWizard design assistants and templates for banners (new), posters (new), newsletters, invitations, greeting cards, flyers, brochures, business cards (new), envelopes (new), and more.

IMPROVED You can import text from any major word processor or type it directly into the layout.

IMPROVED/NEW Text formatting is easier and more powerful with spell checking, search and replace, auto-hyphenation (new), justification (new), kerning (new), and tracking (new).

NEW Cue cards provide you additional help with all major tasks.

NEW The new table tool lets you quickly and easily create tables. You can also choose from several auto formats.

NEW First Time Help and Quick Demos help you get started quickly.

NEW Print Troubleshooter walks you through different solutions to printing problems.

NEW You can create your own text formatting styles, or import styles from your word processing application.


Status Feature —— ——-

IMPROVED The improved WordArt program has more than 20 different text effects and can be used with any TrueType fonts. Twenty new TrueType fonts are included with Publisher 2.0.

IMPROVED/NEW More than 125 clip art images are included, which you can use to add interesting graphics to your publications. They are easy to view and select using the new ClipArt Gallery.

NEW Text automatically wraps around both rectangular and irregularly-shaped objects.

NEW You can create logos and other graphic special effects with Logo Creator Plus.

NEW You can view 20 different Paper Direct specialty papers right on screen and create your layout to fit them perfectly.

NEW You can automatically add “Continued on Page X” notes when you flow text between columns. Publisher also jumps you automatically to the next column in your story.

NEW You can draw commonly-used shapes (starbursts, boxes, bubbles, arrows and more) with a special tool on the toolbar. You can also rotate them 90 degrees.

NEW The Layout Checker gives you design tips for great- looking output.

NEW All of your publications can be fine-tuned with grouping, aligning, smart quotes, and nudge control.


Status Feature —— ——-

NEW Thirty-five professionally-designed templates help you get started quickly.

NEW You can easily view and select clip art right from the ClipArt Gallery.

NEW You can quickly create tables right from the toolbar and automatically format them. You can also import tables from other programs.

NEW You can view side-by-side pages at once on screen.

NEW Text drag-and-drop allows you to make changes in minimal time.

NEW You can create automatic bulleted and numbered lists right from the toolbar and choose from a wide range of bullet, numbering, or alphabetizing styles.

IMPROVED You can view your publication at any of 10 different magnifications, up to 400%. This is an improvement over Publisher 1.0, which magnifies to 200% only.

Additional reference words: 2.00 mspub enhancements zooms zoomed zooming

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.