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PPT4: Substitutes PostScript for TrueType Font

PSS ID Number: Q101545 Article last modified on 07-08-1998



The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft PowerPoint for the Macintosh, version 4.0


Microsoft PowerPoint substitutes PostScript fonts for TrueType fonts when there are PostScript versions of the fonts installed on the computer. This is true both on the screen and when the file is printed.

The corresponding TrueType and PostScript fonts are shown below:

TrueType PostScript —————————–

Arial Helvetica Arial Narrow N Helvetica Narrow Book Antiqua Palatino Bookman Old Style Bookman Century Gothic Avant Garde Century Schoolbook New Century Schlbk Courier New Courier Monotype Corsiva Zapf Chancery Monotype Sorts Zapf Dingbats Symbol Symbol Times New Roman Times


This behavior is by design. The substitution is meant to enhance the performance of PowerPoint by not downloading the TrueType fonts.


If you want to use the TrueType font, remove the corresponding PostScript version of the font from the System folder. PowerPoint will then use the chosen TrueType font, both on the screen and when the file is printed.


Apple System Software, version 7.x provides TrueType equivalents for Helvetica, Times, Courier, and Symbol. The Apple LaserWriter provides TrueType equivalents for N Helvetica Narrow, Palatino, Bookman, Avant Garde, New Century Schlbk, Zapf Chancery, and Zapf Dingbats.

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