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Microsoft KB Archive/101296

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General Information on Workstation Setup (INSTALL /N)

ID: Q101296

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft FoxPro for MS-DOS, versions 2.5, 2.5a


Information on the Workstation Installation option (INSTALL /N) is not located in the "Installation and Configuration" manual; instead it is in the INSTALL.TXT file on the Setup disk (Disk 1). Below are the pertinent excerpts from the INSTALL.TXT file.


The Workstation Installation option (/N) copies FoxPro initialization files to a local machine so that a shared network version of FoxPro for MS-DOS can be run. Workstation Installation requires less space on individual machines and allows greater administrative control of the use of FoxPro. WORKSTATION INSTALLATION REQUIRES A PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATIVE INSTALLATION.

                                                                                                                            • * NOTE: Every Microsoft FoxPro user must have a Microsoft * * FoxPro license. A license is obtained by buying a retail * * package or a Microsoft License Pack. For more information * * about network use restrictions, see your Microsoft FoxPro * * license agreement. * **************************************************************


  1. Type X:\<path>\INSTALL /N at the MS-DOS prompt. X represents the network drive and <path> represents the directory in which FoxPro was installed with the Administrative Installation option.
  2. The installation program suggests a directory in which to install FoxPro. To confirm installation of FoxPro in this directory, press ENTER. If this is not the desired directory to install FoxPro, type N and press ENTER. The installation program will prompt for an installation directory.
  3. If the directory in which FoxPro will be installed is not in the path, the installation program asks whether or not to change the path in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Press ENTER to allow the modification, or type N and press ENTER if no modification is desired.
  4. FOX.EXE is copied to the specified FoxPro directory. The installation program can be canceled by pressing ESCAPE at this point or press any other key to configure the FoxPro workstation.
  5. An information screen explains FoxPro configuration and allows specification of which directory to place the configuration files in. The default is the specified FoxPro directory. Press ENTER to accept this default or type the preferred directory in the text box and press ENTER.
  6. Choose <<Continue with configuration>> to proceed or <Abort configuration procedure> to cancel the configuration procedure.
  7. A dialog opens so a directory can be specified to place the following files:

    • CONFIG.FP - FoxPro configuration file.
    • FOXUSER - A FoxPro database that keeps track of window sizes and so on.
    • Overlay files - Since the FoxPro executable file is too large to fit in conventional memory at one time, parts of it are kept in overlay files and loaded into memory as needed.
    • Editor work files - Temporary files created during editing sessions.
    • Sort work files - Temporary files used during database sorting and indexing.
    • Program work file - Temporary program file. Descriptions of these options are included in the dialog. By default, FoxPro uses all available expanded memory. In this dialog, an option is given to Limit the EMS Available to FoxPro. There are three push buttons at the bottom of the dialog: <<OK>> - Accept the directories and EMS settings. <filer> - Open the FoxPro Filer accessory to view the directories before deciding on configuration directory defaults. <Cancel> - Cancel the configuration procedure.
  1. Options are given to have FoxPro update the AUTOEXEC.BAT file so that FoxPro looks for configuration information in the directories that have been previously specified.
  2. The option to have configuration changes written to the CONFIG.FP file.
  3. Installation is complete. Press any key to start FoxPro. Remember to reboot the machine so that changes made to the AUTOEXEC.BAT can take effect.


INSTALL.TXT, PSSKB.TXT, and README.TXT files on Setup disk (Disk 1)

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Last Reviewed: August 18, 1999
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