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Microsoft KB Archive/101193

From BetaArchive Wiki

INFO: Interrupting Threads in Critical Sections


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Win32 Application Programming Interface (API), used with:
    • Microsoft Windows NT Server versions 3.1, 3.5, 3.51
    • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation versions 3.1, 3.5, 3.51
    • Microsoft Windows 95

If a thread enters a critical section and then terminates abnormally, the critical section object will not be released. Many components of the C Run-time library are not reentrant and use a resource locking scheme to maintain coherency in the multithreaded environment. Thus, a thread that has entered a C Run-time function, such as printf(), could deadlock all access (within that process) to printf() if it terminates abnormally.

This situation could arise if a thread is terminated with TerminateThread() while it holds a resource lock. If this occurs, any thread that tries to acquire that resource lock will become deadlocked.


Additional query words: 3.10 3.50 4.00

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Issue type : kbinfo
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Last Reviewed: December 16, 2000
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