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WordArt 1.0 to WordArt 2.0 Translation Cannot Be Reversed

WordArt 1.0 to WordArt 2.0 Translation Cannot Be Reversed


The information in this article applies to:

 - Microsoft WordArt version 1.0
 - Microsoft WordArt version 2.0
 - Microsoft Publisher for Windows, versions 2.0, 2.0a


You can convert WordArt 1.0 objects to WordArt 2.0, but you cannot
convert them back again to WordArt 1.0.

The first time you double-click a WordArt 1.0 object in Publisher 2.0, the
following message appears:

   TIP: You can convert WordArt 1.0 objects to WordArt 2.0.

   To convert to WordArt 2.0, click the Edit menu, choose Microsoft
   WordArt Object, and then choose Convert.

   NOTE: WordArt 1.0 objects may look different in WordArt 2.0, and
   cannot be converted back.

   Choose OK to return to your Publication. Choose Cancel if you don't
   want this tip to appear again. Press F1 for more information on
   converting WordArt.

To convert WordArt 1.0 to WordArt 2.0, do the following:

1. Select the WordArt object.

2. From the Edit menu, choose Microsoft WordArt 1.0 Object.

3. Choose Convert. The Convert dialog box appears.

4. In the Object Type field, choose Microsoft WordArt 2.0.

5. A message at the bottom of the dialog box states that you cannot
   reverse this conversion. Choose OK.

The object is converted to WordArt 2.0.


The fonts used in WordArt 1.0 are not available to WordArt 2.0.
Instead, WordArt 2.0 uses the TrueType fonts that are installed on
your system. For this reason, the quality and resolution of WordArt
2.0 objects is greatly improved over WordArt 1.0.

When you update a WordArt 1.0 object to WordArt 2.0, the following
font remapping occurs:

WordArt 1.0 Font          WordArt 2.0 Font      Degree of Similarity
----------------          ----------------      --------------------

Anacortes                 Arial                         high
Bellingham                Bookman Old Style             high
Duvall                    Algerian                      low
Ellensburg                Times New Roman               high
Enumclaw                  Algerian                      low
Inglewood                 Times New Roman               medium
Langley                   Gradl                         medium
Longview                  Century Gothic                high
Marysville                Vivaldi                       medium
Mineral                   Stencil                       low
Omak                      Playbill                      high
Sequim                    Britannic Bold                medium
Snohomish                 Algerian                      low
Touchet                   Algerian                      low
Tupelo                    Algerian                      low
Vancouver                 Algerian                      low
Vashon                    Arial Bold                    medium
Walla Walla               Futura Gothic                 medium
Wenatchee                 Algerian                      low

The fonts used as replacements may be different than those listed
here, depending on what fonts are available on your system.
Replacement fonts are chosen based partly on their similarity and
partly on how high they are in the alphabetical listing of fonts.

The following TrueType fonts are shipped with Publisher 2.0:

 - Algerian
 - Arial Rounded Bold
 - Bauhaus 93
 - Bookman Old Style
 - Braggadocio
 - Brush Script MT
 - Britannic Bold
 - Century Gothic
 - Colonna MT
 - Desdemona
 - Futura Gothic
 - Gradl
 - Impact
 - Kino MT
 - WideLatin
 - Matura MT Script Capitals
 - Mistral
 - Playbill
 - Stencil
 - Vivaldi

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