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PC DirSync: Possible Failure of Directory Synchronization

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.0
  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.2

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Directory Synchronization (Dir-Sync) can appear to fail under the conditions described below.

Using a modem connection, a hub External with the Dir-Sync server is set to call out to the Requestor postoffice's External, which is configured NOT to call the hub External. (Calling is often restricted in order to control long-distance costs.)

If the T1 time is reached and no mail is queued for the Requestor postoffice from the Server postoffice, the Server External does not call the Requestor postoffice to retrieve the Dir-Sync mail now waiting to be delivered to the Server.

If the T2 time is reached and the hub External has received no mail for the Requestor postoffice, then the Dir-Sync process has no updates from the Requestor. Mail is not queued for the Requestor until after T2, at which time External calls the Requestor, sends the update, and retrieves the pending Dir-Sync mail.

This sequence of events is likely to occur because Dir-Sync is normally scheduled to run late at night when activity on the postoffice is low and there may be no mail queued for the Requestor.

The result is that Requestor updates are 24 hours late and Dir-Sync appears to have failed on the Requestor postoffice.


Configure the Requestor External to call the Server External, so that the Dir-Sync mail is transmitted before the T2 time occurs.

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