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Formatting Running Heads

PSS ID Number: Q10109 Article last modified on 02-11-1999

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When using the Format Running-Head command (Word 2.x, 3.x, 4.0, and 5.0) or the Format Header/Footer command (Word 5.5) to create a running head in a document, the running head will not print on the first page even if the first page option is set to Yes.

To create a running head, Word manuals say to select a paragraph within your document and specify its formatting options with the Format Running-Head or Format Header/Footer command. However, when you do this, the selected paragraph is not printed as text or as a running head on the first page.


The following are a few rules governing the use of running heads:

  • A running head takes effect from the point it occurs in the document to the end of the division/section (unless the division/section is formatted as continuous), or until it is superseded by another running head formatted for the same position.
  • A running head will not appear on the first page of a division/section (or document) unless it is the first paragraph of that division/section (or document).
  • A division/section break will disable a running head, unless the division/section break is formatted as continuous.
  • If a running head is to take effect on the next page, it must be entered above the page break signifying the beginning of that page.
  • A top or bottom running head must be able to fit within the top or bottom margin, respectively.

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