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Microsoft KB Archive/100859

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List of Encarta AVI Files Without Sound

Article ID: 100859

Article Last Modified on 1/18/2007


  • Microsoft Encarta Encylopedia 1994 Edition
  • Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 95 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 96 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 97 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 97 Deluxe Edition

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Encarta uses some .AVI files to display animated topics. These files can be viewed without Encarta by using the Media Player (MPLAYER.EXE) usually found in the Accessories group in Program Manager. These .AVI files do not contain sound.


The following is a list of the .AVI files found on the Encarta compact disc (CD) in the ENCYC\MM\AVI, ENCYC96\MM\AVI, or ENCYC97\MM\AVI of your CD-ROM drive depending on the version:

File               Topic

T010532a.AVI       Lizard catching bug
T010651a.AVI       Eagle catching a fish
T012379a.AVI       Cell division
T012630a.AVI       Seed sprouting
T013462a.AVI       Venus fly trap
T014544a.AVI       Grass hopper
T014556a.AVI       Dragon fly
T025081c.AVI       Tadpole to frog (not included in Encarta 96)
T025236j.AVI       Snake egg hatching
T039562a.AVI       Jesse Owens, 1936 Olympics
T039737a.AVI       Igor Sikorsky Piloting Helicopter
T039741a.AVI       Playing in Space
T039742a.AVI       Surface of Mars
T039745a.AVI       Hatching Reptile
T039747a.AVI       First Cell Division
T039749a.AVI       Monarch Metamorphosis
T039752a.AVI       Tai Chi Group
T039756a.AVI       Take Off of Spirit of St. Louis
T039842a.AVI       Pennsylvania Dutch
T039876a.AVI       Eisensteins Potemkin
T039877a.AVI       Rodeo
T039888a.AVI       Al Oerter, 1960 Olympics
T039892a.AVI       Karate
T039900a.AVI       Dick Button, 1952 Olympics
T039907a.AVI       Budding Leaf
T039910a.AVI       Giraffe Birth
T044130a.AVI       A Modern Abacus User
T044141a.AVI       Rugby Scrum
T045102a.AVI       Caterpillar to cocoon
T045103a.AVI       Cocoon to butterfly
T048768a.AVI       Building destruction (Encarta 96 version includes sound)
T050093a.AVI       Chicken egg hatching
T050947a.AVI       Flower opening
T052059a.AVI       Dove landing
T052060a.AVI       Cat landing
T052061a.AVI       Bacterial growth

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