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WD: Features and Requirements by Version of Word for Windows


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Word 97 for Windows
  • Microsoft Word for Windows 95, versions 7.0, 7.0a
  • Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 1.1, 1.1a, 2.0, 2.0a, 2.0a-CD, 2.0b, 2.0c, 6.0a, 6.0c


Version Date      System Requirements

97      10/96     To use Word 97, you need:

                   - A personal or multimedia computer with a 486 or
                     higher processor.

                   - Microsoft Windows 95 operating system, Windows NT
                     Workstation 3.51 with Service Pack 5 or later, or
                     Windows NT Workstation 4.0 with Service Pack 2 or
                     later. (Word will not run on earlier versions of
                     Windows NT Workstation.)

                   - 8 MB memory for Windows 95 or 16 MB memory for
                     Windows NT. 8 MB of additional memory required to run

                   - 20-60 MB hard disk space required; 46 MB required for
                     typical installation, depending on configuration (use
                     the Office Upgrade Wizard during Setup to maximize
                     free disk space).

                   - CD-ROM drive.

                   - VGA or higher-resolution video adapter (Super VGA,
                     256-color recommended).

                   - Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or
                     compatible pointing device.

                  Additional items or services
                  required to use certain features

                   - 9600 or higher-baud modem (14,400 baud recommended).

                   - Multimedia computer required to access sound and
                     other multimedia effects.

                   - Microsoft Exchange Client or Microsoft Outlook
                     required to run WordMail. If you are using Microsoft
                     Exchange Server, Exchange Service Pack 3 is required.

                   - Internet functionality may require Internet access
                     and payment of a separate fee to a service provider.

                  Changes in Word 97

                  -  Improved AutoCorrect.

                  -  Improved AutoFormat As You Type.

                  -  AutoComplete: Word can automatically offer
                     suggestions for the rest of the word or phrase you are

                  -  An AutoSummarize feature to automatically summarize
                     the key points in a document.

                  -  Automatic style creation and style preview.

                  -  A Letter Wizard that can help you write a new letter
                     quickly and easily.

                  -  An Office Assistant (replaces the Word 95 Answer
                     Wizard) that uses IntelliSense natural-language

                  -  Check grammar as you type.

                  -  Smart Spelling.

                  -  Natural-language grammar checker.

                  -  Spelling/grammar checking combination.

                  -  Find (and replace) all word forms.

                  -  New table tools: Draw Table, Eraser tool, Vertical
                     alignment, and In table row resizer.

                  -  Over 150 new border styles to customize the look of
                     your documents.

                  -  Page Borders: Lets you put a border around each page.

                  -  Text Borders: Lets you apply borders to words or
                     characters within a paragraph.

                  -  Text Shading: Lets you call out parts of your
                     document with shading within a paragraph.

                  -  Office Art: Gives you many new drawing tools and
                     capabilities that can be easily accessed through the
                     new Drawing toolbar.

                  -  "Float over text" gives you all the flexibility
                     required for easy placement of pictures and objects.

                  -  Linked Text Boxes.

                  -  Wrapping around irregular objects.

                  -  Hyperlinks.

                  -  The Web toolbar.

                  -  Compressed graphics: Compress pictures or graphics in
                     documents automatically.

                  -  Web Page Authoring features that include a Web Page
                     Wizard, Sounds, Videos, Pictures, Scrolling Text,
                     Bullets, Horizontal lines, HTML forms, and HTML tags.

                  -  Web Authoring items available on the Microsoft Web

                  -  Enhanced Online Documents: Features include an Online
                     layout view, Document Map, Hyperlinks, Hyperlinked
                     Cross-References, Document Backgrounds, Animated Text,
                     Navigation Tools, and Microsoft IntelliMouse

                  -  Enhanced WordMail features: Automatic creation of
                     hyperlinks, message authors in Document Map, Address
                     book information access for names in messages,
                     Automatic formatting of plain text WordMail messages,
                     and WordMail templates.

                  -  Versioning to maintain a working history of your

                  -  Improved Document Merging.

                  -  Improved Comments and ScreenTips.

                  -  Reviewing Toolbar that provides quick access to all
                     common reviewing tools.

                  -  Improved Multilingual Support.

7.0     11/95     To use Microsoft Word for Windows 95, you need the

                   - An industry-standard computer with a 386DX or higher

                   - Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or Microsoft
                     Windows NT Workstation operating system version 3.51
                     or later (will not run on earlier versions of
                     Microsoft Windows).

                   - 6 MB of memory for use on Windows 95; 12 MB of memory
                     for use on Windows NT Workstation; additional memory
                     needed for WordMail.

                   - Hard disk space required: 8 MB for compact
                     installation; 16 MB for typical installation; 35 MB
                     for custom (maximum) installation.

                   - One 3.5-inch high-density disk drive.

                   - VGA or higher-resolution video adapter (SVGA 256-
                     color recommended).

                   - Microsoft Mouse or compatibility pointing device.

                  Optional items you can use with Word

                   - Windows-compatible network.

                   - Microsoft Exchange client required to run WordMail on
                     Windows NT Workstation.

                   - Windows-compatible printer.

                   - 2400 or higher baud modem (9600 baud modem

                   - Audio board with headphones or speakers.

                  Changes in Word version 7.0

                  -  An Answer Wizard that provides step-by-step answers,
                     explanations, examples and a programming reference.

                  -  Automatic borders that are added as you type.

                  -  Automatic text correction that can replace text with
                     symbols, correct CAPS LOCK key errors, correct plural
                     and possessive words, and add words you don't want
                     Word to change.

                  -  Automatic Headings that apply a Heading Style as you

                  -  Automatic numbering and bullets as you type.

                  -  Automatic ordinal numbers and fractions.

                  -  Easier document retrieval and management to open,
                     find, preview, manage, and to search for documents.

                  -  More IntelliSense that will format text as you type,
                     find and replace word forms, check spelling and
                     correct text as you type.

                  -  New Word templates.

                  -  TipWizard that suggests better ways to complete your

                  -  Use Word as your e-mail editor.

6.0     10/27/93  The hard disk and memory requirements vary depending on
                  how Word is installed and how many Windows applications
                  you run simultaneously. The following are the minimum
                  requirements for installing and running Word:

                   - 286 or higher processor.

                   - Microsoft Windows graphical environment version 3.1
                     or later.

                   - One hard disk and a 1.2 MB or greater capacity floppy
                     disk drive.

                   - To install Word, you need at least 5 MB of space
                     available on your hard disk. To install the complete
                     Word package, you need at least 24 MB of disk space.

                   - 4 MB memory to run the WORD program.

                   - EGA or higher resolution monitor compatible

                   - A Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device is
                     recommended, but not required.

                   - A printer is optional.

                  Changes in Word version 6.0

                  -  Wizards: An interactive Word feature that asks
                     questions and then uses your answers to automatically
                     lay out and format certain types of documents.

                  -  An AutoCorrect feature that automatically corrects
                     common typing mistakes.

                  -  An AutoFormat feature that formats a document by
                     applying styles to each paragraph in a document.

                  -  Heading numbering that automatically updates when you
                     move, add, or delete a heading.

                  -  Multiple level Undo and Redo.

                  -  Drag and Drop text and graphics across windows and

                  -  Use the Format Painter to copy the formatting and
                     then "paint" onto the text you want to format.

                  -  Use Drop Caps to automatically add a dropped capital
                     letter to a paragraph.

                  -  Save character formatting as a character style and
                     apply it in one step.

                  -  Organizer feature that helps you to copy and manage
                     Styles, Macros, AutoText entries and Toolbars.

                  -  Use the Help button to display all the formatting
                     information about selected text.

                  -  Create newspaper-style columns of unequal width.

                  -  Print preview can now show more than one page so you
                     can get an overview of your document.

                  -  Use the Zoom control to display and edit multiple
                     pages in page layout view.

                  -  Table Heading that can automatically repeat on each

                  -  A Mail Merge Helper that simplifies the creation of
                     form letters, envelopes and labels.

                  -  Specialized Toolbars that you can use for tasks that
                     range from formatting to adding line drawings.

                  -  ToolTips help you identify toolbar buttons by
                     displaying the name of the button when you point to

                  -  Context-sensitive shortcut menus and an improved
                     status bar.

                  -  Full Screen View hides menus, toolbars, rulers, and
                     other elements to maximize the text area of your

                  -  A drawing layer that will allow drawing objects to
                     appear behind or in front of text.

                  -  Customize Word by adding top-level menus to the menu
                     bar, placing menu items in any order on a menu,
                     creating custom toolbars, and modifying default

                  -  Master Documents that allow you to organize large and
                     complex documents which can contain many subdocuments.

                  -  Send documents to reviewers through electronic mail
                     with the Add Routing Slip command.

                  -  New Annotation features speed up reviews.

                  -  Revision Tracking shows you who did what when.

                  -  Create Forms to fill in on-screen.

                  -  Improved help files.

2.0     10/21/91  The following are the minimum requirements for installing
                  and running Word:

                  - 286 or higher processor.

                   - 1 MB memory for the basic Word program; 2 MB memory
                     to use all features, including Graph, Draw, Equation
                     Editor, WordArt and grammar checking.

                   - Hercules Graphic, IBM EGA or higher resolution
                     monitor compatible.

                   - Microsoft Windows graphical environment version 3.0
                     or later.

                   - One hard disk and one double-sided disk drive.

                   - Same as above with 1 MB RAM memory required.

                  Changes in Word version 2.0

                  -  New, customizable toolbar so you can quickly select
                     commonly used commands

                  -  New OLE server applications (applets): Draw, Graph,
                     Equation Editor, WordArt

                  -  New grammar checker

                  -  Format text in different languages so you can use
                     available spelling and proofing tools

                  -  New automatic bulleted list and numbering features

                  -  Preview formatting changes before you apply them to
                     your document

                  -  New Zoom command so you can display your document at
                     any magnification from 1 to 200 percent

                  -  New drag-and-drop feature so you can move text and
                     graphics using a mouse

                  -  New Frames command so you can position, crop, scale,
                     or frame text and/or graphics and wrap text around the

                  -  Create envelopes automatically

                  -  New Print Merge Helper with step-by-step dialog boxes
                     to assist with form letters and labels

                  -  Apply multiple page layouts (page size, orientation,
                     margins, paper source) within a single document

                  -  New Find File command so you can view the text and
                     graphics in a file before you open or print the file.

                  -  OLE compatibility so you can link and embed objects
                     from other applications

                  -  Password protection feature so you can control access
                     to your documents

                  -  Online Help for WordBasic macro language

                  -  Dialog Editor utility so you can create dialog boxes
                     for use with WordBasic macros

                  -  Help for switching from WordPerfect to Word

1.1     7/18/90   The following are the minimum requirements for installing
                  and running Word:

                   - 286 or higher processor

                   - 1 MB memory

                   - Hercules Graphic, IBM EGA or higher resolution
                     monitor compatible with Microsoft Windows graphical
                     environment version 2.11 or later.

                   - One hard disk and one double-sided disk drive.

                   - 1 to 2 MB EMS memory recommended with networks or
                     with other applications.

                   - Same as above with 1 MB RAM memory required.

                   - 2 to 3 MB EMS memory recommended.

                  Changes in Word version 1.1

                  -  Two sets of visuals

                  -  3-D visuals (NewLook=1) added to enhance the look
                     under Windows 3.0 on VGA monitors

                  -  2-D visuals (NewLook=0)

                  -  64K metafile import limit was removed

                  -  New PCX (black and white only) filter

                  -  Improved Word for the Macintosh converter

                  -  Run-time version of Windows not included; requires
                     full version of Windows

                  -  New version of HIMEM.SYS (2.60)

                  -  AS400 switch added for use with AS400 file server

                  -  New manuals, part #14328

                  -  Two Turabian templates, DISSERT.DOT and TERM.DOT,
                     included (previously available under the Academic
                     Edition version 1.0)

                  -  Macros (that is, PostScript gray shading)

                  -  New installation guide

                  -  New 8514/A driver (for use with Windows version 3.0)

                  -  Setup aware of Windows version 3.0; will NOT
                     overwrite the NORMAL.DOT file if one exists

                  -  1.2 MB 5.25-inch, 1.44 MB 3.5-inch disks have
                     compressed files; standard except in A&E 720K and 360K

1.0     11/15/89  The following are the minimum requirements for installing
                  and running Word:

                   - 286 or higher processor with 640K memory

                   - EGA or higher resolution monitor compatible
                     with Microsoft Windows graphical environment
                     version 2.11 or later.

                   - One hard disk and one double-sided disk drive.

                   - 1 to 2 MB EMS memory recommended with networks or
                     with other applications.

                   - Same as above with 1 MB RAM memory required.

                   - 2 to 3 MB EMS memory recommended. 


Word for Windows "Installation Guide," version 1.x, (Document Number OB- 14380-0690) pages 2, 10-13

Word for Windows "Getting Started," version 2.0, pages 1-3, 7

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