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PC Ext: Normal Purge on P1 Subdirectory for NetWare

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Article Last Modified on 10/30/2006


  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks 3.2, when used with:
    • Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Standard Edition

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Version 3.2 of Microsoft Mail MS-DOS Message Transfer Agent (MTA) and version 3.2 of Microsoft Mail Multitasking MTA employ a new file- locking mechanism to increase the robustness of mail transmission.

This file locking mechanism creates and deletes temporary files when the MTA polls the postoffices for mail to be delivered. The number of files created and deleted depends on how often the MTA polls the postoffice and on the number of MTAs servicing the postoffice. When running Mail with NetWare 3.x and later, the number of deleted files and the frequency at which they are deleted can affect disk storage on the file server. Because of this, Microsoft recommends that the P1 subdirectory for each postoffice serviced by an MTA be flagged as Normal Purge.

To flag the P1 subdirectory as Normal Purge, Microsoft recommends that you perform this procedure on each file server where a postoffice is installed and is being serviced by a version 3.2 MTA.

  1. Log in to the file server as Supervisor, Supervisor Equivalent, or a user who has Access control and Modify rights to the P1 subdirectory.
  2. Change directories to the subdirectory where the mail database resides.
  3. Type the following to set the P1 directory for Normal Purge:

    flagdir P1 NP

Deleted files in the P1 subdirectory will immediately purge from the file system and the disk space used by these files will be available.

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