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Microsoft KB Archive/10074

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Selecting the Previous or the Last Sentence

PSS ID Number: Q10074 Article last modified on 02-11-1999

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SHIFT+F7 (previous sentence) selects the current sentence unless the cursor is on the first character; if that is the case, the previous sentence will be selected. SHIFT+F8 (next sentence) always selects the current sentence, regardless of where the cursor is located.

SHIFT+F7 and SHIFT+F8 actually select the sentence to the left or right of the cursor. If the cursor is in the middle of a sentence and you press SHIFT+F7, the current sentence is selected because the current sentence is also to the left of the cursor. If you press SHIFT+F7 once more, the next sentence to the left is selected. The same holds true for selecting the sentence to the right of the cursor by using SHIFT+F8.

In Word version 5.50, ALT+F8 selects the next sentence or the sentence the cursor currently occupies. There is no keystroke to select the previous sentence.

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