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Microsoft KB Archive/100641

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INF: Sample Code Demonstrates Win32 Debugging API

PSS ID Number: Q100641 Article last modified on 06-28-1993


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows NT, version 1.0

Summary: The Debug Event Browser (DEB) sample demonstrates the Win32 debugging application programming interface (API) in Windows NT. The sample acts as a debugger for a newly-created process to debug or it attaches to the currently active process. DEB is not a debugger in the traditional sense; it is a browser that displays the debug events and their properties as they occur. It also invokes the default handlers supplied either by the application being debugged or by the system. DEB imposes only minimal debug event handling, it displays the debug events and allows the application being debugged to continue its normal course of execution. The sample is source code compatible for both the Intel and MIPS R4000 Windows NT platforms.

More Information: The text below lists the files that comprise the DEB sample and the purpose of each file: DEB.BMP DEB bitmap used by DEB.RTF DEB.DEF DEB module definition file DEB.DLG DEB dialog resource script file DEB.H DEB ID values and user message defines DEB.HPJ DEB help project file DEB.ICO DEB main icon DEB1.ICO DEB animated icon number one … DEB8.ICO DEB animated icon number eight DEB.RC DEB resource file DEB.RTF DEB help topic file DEBDEBUG.C DEB debug support functions DEBDEBUG.H DEB debug support functions header DEBMAIN.C DEB main module - WinMain {} and callbacks DEBMAIN.H DEB main module header DEBMISC.C DEB miscellaneous support functions DEBMISC.H DEB miscellaneous support functions header LINKLIST.C Ordered doubled-linked list library LINKLIST.H Ordered doubled-linked list library header MAKEFILE MAKE/NMAKE file for the entire sample README.TXT Listing of source code files TOOLBAR.BMP Toolbar bitmap used by DEB.RTF TOOLBAR.C Toolbar functions TOOLBAR.DEF Toolbar module definition file

Additional reference words: 1.00