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No Windows NT Driver Support for SoundBlaster Pro CD-ROM

Article ID: Q100626

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Windows NT operating system, version 3.1 - Microsoft Windows NT Advanced Server, version 3.1

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Microsoft wrote the original SoundBlaster version 1.x device driver included with Microsoft Multimedia Windows and licensed the driver source code to Creative Labs. Microsoft has continued to supply the SoundBlaster 1.x driver with Windows and Windows NT. Except for rare exceptions, the Microsoft-supplied driver supports only the functionality provided by versions 1.x of the SoundBlaster adapter.

Creative Labs provides updated drivers for their newer hardware through various channels. They are working on a Windows NT driver for the SoundBlaster Pro, which includes a proprietary CD-ROM interface on the board. This driver should be available from Creative Labs at approximately the same time as the Windows NT retail release. Until this driver is available, the SoundBlaster 1.x driver provides only limited wave, audio, and MIDI support.

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